Pebble Finds New Life On Mastodon As A Dedicated Server


A New Beginning for Pebble on Mastodon

After its unsuccessful attempt to challenge Twitter, Pebble, the startup that was once known as T2, has found a new lease on life on the decentralized social network, Mastodon. Pebble recently announced the shutdown of its alternative Twitter platform, citing tough competition, user retention issues, and a failure to gain a larger audience. However, it seems that Pebble has now reinvented itself as a dedicated Mastodon server called

Key Takeaway

Despite its failed attempt to challenge Twitter, Pebble has found new life on Mastodon. The creation of a dedicated Mastodon server,, showcases the power of community-driven initiatives and open source technology. It is an exciting experiment in social interaction and highlights the unique possibilities offered by decentralized networks.

Pebble’s Transformation on Mastodon

Initially, it was unclear who was behind the creation of the Pebble instance on Mastodon. However, it is now confirmed that Pebble co-founder and CEO, Gabor Cselle, established the server as a new social experiment. While the server’s moderation is handled by members of the Pebble community, Cselle and his team responded to the community’s request to set up a Mastodon instance for Pebble users when the original platform shut down.

The instance gained traction when a user named “Blobcat” restyled it to resemble the original Pebble platform. Since then, the server has attracted a few hundred active users, showcasing the power of open source and community-driven initiatives.

From Twitter Clone to Mastodon Server

Pebble, previously known as T2, aimed to compete with Twitter by replicating its interface and features. By prioritizing trust and safety, Pebble highlighted its commitment to providing a secure user experience. However, this approach failed to resonate with users and led to a decline in engagement.

Interestingly, Pebble deliberately chose not to integrate with Mastodon and other decentralized social networks during its time as a Twitter alternative. Pebble’s co-founder, Cselle, explained that ensuring trust and safety on federated networks presented significant challenges, making it difficult to maintain a cohesive and secure environment for users.

Experimenting with Community on

With the establishment of on Mastodon, the primary goal is to experiment with social interaction and community-building within a federated space. While there are no extensive plans in place, the fact that the community has embraced Pebble’s new Mastodon instance demonstrates the value the platform held for its users.

As Pebble co-founder Gabor Cselle explains, “It’s good to see that the community finds value in this and that we had a real community on Pebble.”

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