How To Use LinkedIn To Raise A Series A: A Strategic Approach


With investment activity reaching a three-year low in Q2 of 2023, startups looking to raise their Series A funding are facing tough odds. The average funding time between seed and Series A has stretched to 25 months, making it crucial for founders to actively court the attention of investors and establish connections early on. In this article, we will explore how LinkedIn can be leveraged as a valuable resource to research potential investors, build relationships, and increase visibility within investor networks.

Key Takeaway

In order to raise a successful Series A, founders need to proactively engage with investors and establish relationships early on. LinkedIn can provide a valuable platform to research potential investors, build connections, and increase visibility within investor networks.

Step 1: Grow Your Network of Investors

While you may already have a few investors in your network, it is crucial to expand this pool significantly. Research has shown that networking with weak ties, or people you know less well, can result in more job opportunities. The same principle applies to fundraising for startups preparing for their Series A round.

To grow your network of investors, start by sending connection requests to relevant individuals. Not every request will result in a new connection, but with patience and consistency, your pool of investors will begin to grow.

Step 2: Research Potential Investors

In order to effectively target potential investors on LinkedIn, it is important to conduct thorough research. LinkedIn provides access to an extensive directory, allowing you to uncover a wide range of investors relevant to your startup. However, finding the right investors may require some creativity beyond simple keyword searches.

Start with obvious keywords such as “investor” + “industry” to narrow down the search results. But to find investors that align with your startup’s values or have a specific background, you will need to use the advanced search function and cast a wider net.

Step 3: Build Relationships and Nurturing Connections

Once you have identified potential investors, it is essential to build relationships and nurture these connections. LinkedIn offers various features that allow you to engage with investors, such as commenting on their posts, sharing industry insights, or sending personalized messages.

To maximize the impact of your interactions, make sure to personalize your messages and highlight the alignment between your startup and their investment interests. This will help to establish a genuine connection and increase the likelihood of securing a meeting.

Step 4: Increase Visibility with Thought Leadership

LinkedIn provides an opportunity to showcase your industry expertise and thought leadership. By regularly sharing relevant content, publishing articles, or participating in industry discussions, you can increase your visibility within investor networks. This will help build credibility and establish your startup as a promising investment opportunity.

Remember to engage with comments and messages from investors or other industry professionals, as this will further strengthen your network and increase the likelihood of attracting potential investors.

In conclusion, to raise a successful Series A, founders need to go beyond a stellar pitch deck and actively engage with investors. LinkedIn offers a vast database and features that can be leveraged to research potential investors, build connections, nurture relationships, and increase visibility. By following a strategic approach that focuses on growing your network, conducting thorough research, building relationships, and increasing thought leadership, you can significantly enhance your chances of securing Series A funding.

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