Virgio, Valued At $161 Million, To Shut Down Operations


Virgio, a fast-fashion startup founded by former Myntra chief Amar Nagaram, is reportedly shutting down its operations just a year after raising funds at a valuation of over $160 million. This surprising move comes as a shock to the fashion industry, as the brand had gained popularity among consumers in a relatively short period of time.

Key Takeaway

Virgio, a fast-fashion startup valued at

61 million, is shutting down its operations just a year after raising significant funding. Despite its aim to cater to evolving fashion trends and its innovative approach to design and procurement, Virgio struggled to gain a substantial user base in a highly competitive market. This serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by startups in the fast-paced fashion industry.

Unexpected Closure

The announcement of Virgio’s closure was made through a statement on their official website. The message simply states, “The fast-fashion brand that you have come to love is no longer available.” Amar Nagaram, the founder and chief executive of Virgio, took to LinkedIn to express his thoughts on the matter. In a rather cryptic post, Nagaram mentioned the company reaching a “turning point” and reflected on the unexpected challenges faced by the startup within a year of its launch.

Valuable Funding

Virgio had raised a significant amount of funding in December last year, with a $37 million Series A round led by notable investors such as Prosus Ventures, Accel, and Alpha Wave Global. This funding round valued the startup at an impressive $161 million, showcasing the confidence investors had in the brand’s potential. However, it appears that even this substantial financial backing was not enough to sustain Virgio’s operations in the competitive fast-fashion market.

A Unique Vision

The concept behind Virgio was to cater to the changing fashion preferences of consumers, particularly from the Gen Z and older millennial demographics. Recognizing a growing demand for more accessible fashion options, the startup aimed to streamline its design, manufacturing, and procurement processes to offer a wide range of choices across casual, festive, and traditional categories. Virgio constantly refreshed its catalogue by introducing new products on a weekly basis, ensuring that customers always had something new and exciting to choose from.

A Short-Lived Journey

Despite its innovative approach and potential, Virgio reportedly had fewer than 30,000 daily active users according to mobile insight platform SensorTower. This low user engagement may have contributed to the startup’s inability to generate sustainable growth and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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