Spotify’s Daylist: Your Personalized Playlist For Every Mood


Spotify continues to raise the bar when it comes to personalized music recommendations with its latest offering, daylist. This innovative playlist evolves with you throughout the day, adapting to your ever-changing moods and preferences. Living alongside popular playlists like Discovery Weekly and On Repeat, daylist is designed to cater to “every version of you.”

Key Takeaway

Spotify’s daylist is a personalized playlist that adapts to your moods throughout the day. With its ever-changing track selection and creative subtitles, daylist provides a tailored music experience that caters to “every version of you.” From morning melodies to evening tunes, this playlist evolves just like your musical preferences, ensuring that you always have the perfect soundtrack for every moment.

How does it work?

Unlike static playlists, daylist updates multiple times throughout the day to reflect your mood based on your listening history within Spotify’s app. Using their advanced understanding of music metadata, Spotify is able to curate a playlist that caters specifically to your preferred music styles and patterns of engagement.

For example, if you’ve been starting your mornings with upbeat and happy tunes, your daylist might suggest a playlist titled “bedroom pop banger early morning.” These personalized playlists come with quirky subtitles that aim to capture the essence of your music experience, such as “windows down thrillwave Thursday evening” or “happy dance energy Friday morning.”

To enhance the immersive experience, Spotify has designed visuals that change with the time of day. Starting with a yellowish sunshine shade on a blue background in the morning, the colors evolve to reflect the hues of a sunset in the evening, followed by a moonglow at night, and finally transitioning to a darker black for those late-night listening sessions.

Share and Save

Spotify understands the importance of sharing music with friends and loved ones. With daylist, they have incorporated a built-in sharing feature specifically designed for social media platforms. Users can easily capture a ready-made screenshot, choose a personalized sticker, or customize a sharecard to spread their music vibes.

In addition, daylist can be saved to your Library for easy access, allowing you to revisit your favorite tracks at any time.


Daylist is available for both free and Premium Spotify users in English-speaking markets, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. The feature will gradually expand to users worldwide in the coming months, allowing music enthusiasts from around the globe to experience the joy of a curated playlist that evolves along with their day.

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