Samsung Unveils New Smart Home Features With AI Characters


During the CES 2024 keynote in Las Vegas, Samsung introduced a series of new features and enhancements for its SmartThings home automation platform. The company aims to make smart homes even smarter with these innovations.

Key Takeaway

Samsung’s latest smart home features include the Now Plus dashboard, a quick panel for device control, and an interactive map view with AI characters that respond to real-time conditions, aiming to enhance the overall smart home experience for users.

New Dashboard and Quick Panel

One of the key highlights is the introduction of the Now Plus dashboard screen, which will be available on select Samsung TVs. This dashboard is designed to activate as you approach, providing information about smart home devices and displaying statistics such as the current indoor temperature. Additionally, a new “quick panel” will offer shortcuts for controlling connected devices and functionalities like locating misplaced smartphones and other mobile gadgets.

Interactive Map View

Samsung has also launched a “map view” feature for SmartThings, similar to Amazon’s Map View. This interactive map provides a visual layout of the user’s home, including the precise locations of various smart home devices such as washing machines and refrigerators. Users can create these maps manually or automatically using a photo of an existing floor plan or a lidar-enabled Samsung device, such as the Ballie robot or the new JetBot robot vacuum.

AI Characters for SmartThings Maps

In a unique addition, SmartThings maps will now include “AI characters” that represent family members and pets within the home. These animated avatars are programmed to react to real-time conditions, such as displaying signs of discomfort if the indoor temperature rises. The generation of these maps is facilitated through the SmartThings app on a smartphone or tablet, and once created, they can be viewed on supported Samsung TVs, the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge, and Samsung’s M8 monitors.

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