Samsung Galaxy S24 To Integrate Google Gemini-Powered AI Features


Google and Samsung have announced that the upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24, will incorporate Google’s cutting-edge generative AI model family, Gemini. This integration is set to bring a host of new AI-powered features to the Galaxy S24, enhancing various aspects of the user experience.

Key Takeaway

The Samsung Galaxy S24 will integrate Google’s advanced AI models, including Gemini Pro and Gemini Nano, to deliver enhanced features such as improved summarization, Magic Compose in messaging, and advanced photo editing capabilities.

Google Gemini-Powered Features

  • Gemini Pro Integration: Samsung’s Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard apps will be powered by Gemini Pro, offering improved summarization features. Users will have access to features such as obtaining summaries of recorded lectures.
  • Gemini Nano Integration: The Galaxy S24 will leverage Gemini Nano to introduce the Magic Compose feature in Google Messages, allowing users to craft messages in different styles without requiring an internet connection.
  • Imagen 2 Integration: The Galaxy S24 Gallery app will benefit from Google’s Imagen 2 text-to-image model, enabling advanced photo editing features such as Generative Edit, which can automatically fill in parts of images based on the surrounding context.

Implications for Galaxy S24 Users

With the Galaxy S24 being only the second Android device to run a Gemini Nano model, after Google’s Pixel 8 Pro, users can anticipate a range of AI-driven capabilities that enhance various aspects of the smartphone experience. Additionally, Samsung’s role as one of the first partners to test Gemini Ultra signifies the potential for further AI advancements on Samsung devices in the near future.

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