Reddit Introduces New Translation Feature For Mobile Users


Reddit, the popular online discussion platform, is now offering a new feature that allows users to translate posts into different languages. This development aims to enhance the user experience by breaking down language barriers and making conversations more inclusive. Initially, there will be eight languages available, including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Swedish.

Key Takeaway

Reddit has introduced a translation feature that allows users to translate posts into various languages. This feature aims to promote inclusivity and improve the overall user experience. The company is also experimenting with translating comments and has revamped its Help Center to provide better support resources to users.

How Does the Translation Feature Work?

In order to translate a Reddit post, users can simply click on the “translate” button located beneath the Redditor’s username at the top of the post. However, users must first set their preferred language in the settings menu. Currently, this feature is only available on Android and iOS devices, as well as for users who are logged out on the web.

Reddit Translation Feature

Reddit has also announced that it is experimenting with translating comments on both iOS and Android platforms. The company envisions a future where the entire conversation experience on Reddit can be multilingual.

Updates to the Help Center

Alongside this new translation feature, Reddit has made significant updates to its Help Center. The renovated Help Center now combines the Moderator Help Center and serves as a central hub for all support resources. This restructuring aims to streamline the support process and provide users with a more comprehensive and efficient means of accessing assistance.

These updates come shortly after the launch of Reddit’s Mod Helper Program. This new initiative rewards moderators for assisting their fellow moderators, promoting a sense of collaboration and support within the Reddit community.

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