Reddit Unveils Brand Refresh With New Logo And Visual Updates


In a move that has sparked further speculation about its upcoming IPO, Reddit has announced a rebranding effort that includes a fresh new logo and visual updates. The popular website, known as the internet’s hub for diverse microcultures, has given its iconic red and white robot mascot, Snoo, a modern makeover. The new Snoo features a three-dimensional design and a more polished appearance, resembling a character straight out of a Pixar movie. Along with the updated mascot, Reddit has introduced a new logo, depicting a disembodied Snoo head enclosed in a red chat bubble.

Key Takeaway

Reddit has undergone a rebranding effort, introducing a new logo and an updated version of its mascot, Snoo. The refreshed design aims to modernize Reddit’s visual identity, which coincides with the speculation surrounding its upcoming IPO.

Reddit’s latest logo is already live on its corporate website, and users are beginning to see it on as well. However, the transition has not been seamless, with some users reporting glitches such as broken comments. The company has been contacted to clarify if these issues are connected to the rebrand rollout. It is important to note that Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, also known as /u/kn0thing, originally conceptualized Snoo during his time at the University of Virginia. Ohanian stepped down from the Reddit board of directors three years ago to promote more racial diversity within the company.

In addition to the logo revamp, Reddit is refreshing its typography by introducing a new set of fonts inspired by chat bubbles. The typeface known as Reddit Sans will be made available as an open-source font. This move aligns with Reddit’s self-proclaimed identity as a platform for conversations and aims to provide a visual representation of that concept. Furthermore, Reddit is expanding its color palette beyond the classic reddish orange, known as OrangeRed. The platform will now incorporate a range of new colors named GuavaPink, LimeGreen, BananaYellow, and JuniperBlue into its designs and applications.

This rebranding effort comes at an interesting time for Reddit, as rumors of its IPO continue to circulate. Despite being a well-established platform, Reddit is not publicly traded like many of its counterparts. Last year, the company faced significant challenges amidst internal conflict with its developer community. However, the situation appears to have calmed down, and Bloomberg reports suggest that Reddit is on track for an IPO as early as the first quarter of 2024. While the IPO plans have been discussed for some time already, the timing of the brand refresh adds to the anticipation of potential big news for Reddit in the near future.

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