Reddit Removes Ability To Opt Out Of Ad Personalization Based On Platform Activity


In a recent announcement, Reddit revealed that it is revamping its privacy settings to provide a more consistent experience for users. However, one significant change is that the platform is removing the option to opt out of ad personalization based on Reddit activity. Previously, users had the ability to control how their data was used for targeted advertising.

Key Takeaway

Reddit is removing the ability for users to opt out of ad personalization based on their activity on the platform. While select countries may still have opt-out controls, the change aims to provide users with better-targeted ads. The platform is also consolidating toggles for ads based on activity and partner information. Additionally, Reddit is introducing controls to limit specific advertising categories and simplifying location customization settings.

While Reddit did mention that there will still be opt-out controls available in “select countries,” it did not specify which countries will have this option. In a blog post, Reddit assured users that they won’t see an increase in the number of ads, but the ads they do see will be better targeted.

Why is this happening?

According to Reddit, the platform relies on user activity, such as the communities they join, upvotes, downvotes, and other signals, to provide advertisers with insights into users’ interests. By removing the ability to opt out of ad personalization based on Reddit activity, the company aims to deliver more relevant ads to its users.

Furthermore, Reddit is consolidating the toggles for showing ads based on activity and information from partners into one toggle. This means that users will no longer be able to separately control these settings.

What about location and partner sites/apps?

It is unclear whether Reddit will now use general location and activity on partner sites and apps for post suggestions by default. The platform seems to be removing the toggles for these settings, raising questions about whether users will have the ability to turn them off.

However, Reddit did mention that it will introduce controls to limit certain advertising categories, such as alcohol, weight loss, dating, gambling, pregnancy, and parenting. If users choose to turn off these advertising categories, they may see fewer ads related to them, although it is not guaranteed to filter out all ads due to the use of manual tagging and machine learning.

Improvements to location customization and monetization efforts

Additionally, Reddit is simplifying its location customization setting to make it more accessible to users. This change will allow users to easily customize their location preferences through the settings on both the Reddit app and the web platform.

These updates come as Reddit continues its efforts to increase monetization. Earlier this year, the platform made changes to its data API terms, resulting in the shutdown of several third-party clients and user backlash. It also introduced a new creator rewards program and made it easier for users to purchase Gold rewards.

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