Polestar Secures $950 Million Loan To Advance EV Plans


Polestar, the Swedish electric vehicle (EV) company, has successfully secured a $950 million loan from a consortium of international banks. This critical funding comes at a crucial time for the company, following Volvo’s decision to reduce its financial support. The loan, provided by 12 banks including BNP Paribas, Natixis, Standard Chartered, BBVA, HSBC, and SPDB, will enable Polestar to finance the next stage of its development and cover a large majority of its estimated financing needs.

Key Takeaway

Polestar secures a $950 million loan from international banks to support its EV development plans, amidst financial challenges and a shifting market landscape. The company aims to revitalize sales through the development of next-generation vehicles and technology, while also focusing on cost efficiency and margin improvement.

Financial Support and Challenges

Despite the significant injection of capital, Polestar still faces financial challenges. The company has announced its intention to continue cost-cutting measures, including further layoffs. Having already reduced its workforce by 10% since mid-2023, Polestar plans to implement an additional 15% cut this year, affecting approximately 450 employees. The funding, while crucial, serves as a temporary solution for the publicly traded EV company owned by China’s Geely Holdings.

Market Conditions and Product Development

The loan comes amidst a backdrop of softening demand for EVs, particularly in the luxury and premium segments. Polestar’s response to this shifting landscape includes the development of next-generation vehicles and technology, with the aim of revitalizing sales. The company currently produces the Polestar 2, Polestar 3 (recently in production in China), and the Polestar 4. Additionally, Polestar has completed test production runs for the Polestar 3 at its South Carolina factory, and prototype production of the Polestar 5, a progressive performance GT, is set to accelerate in 2024.

Strategic Partnerships and Future Outlook

Following Volvo Cars’ decision to reduce its holding in Polestar, Geely Sweden Holdings will become the second largest shareholder, with Volvo Cars retaining an 18% stake. Geely Holding Group CEO and Polestar board member Daniel Li emphasized Geely’s commitment to providing operational and financial support to Polestar. Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath expressed optimism about the company’s future, highlighting efforts to improve cost efficiency and margins, with a goal of achieving cash flow break-even, annual volume of over 155,000, and a high teens gross margin by 2025.

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