Pixelynx Unveils New AI-Powered Music Creation Features For Korus Platform


Pixelynx, an Animoca Brands-owned metaverse company co-founded by DJ and producer Deadmau5, has introduced a set of innovative tools for its flagship product, Korus. This AI-powered music creation platform allows users to remix content using AI and licensed stem files from artists and music labels, enabling them to mint music and earn revenue.

Key Takeaway

Korus, an AI-powered music creation platform, introduces new features, including interactive visuals, a layering tool, and a video recording feature. The platform’s proprietary “Sound Mosaic” tool enables music composition based on uploaded stem files, providing compensation to artists and fostering new music experiences through an SDK for developers.

New Features for Music Creation

Korus is rolling out new features aimed at empowering users to experiment with music creation. These include interactive visuals, a layering tool, and video recording capabilities. Additionally, the platform now offers a playlist feature and a rewards program designed to incentivize artistic contributions.

Proprietary Tool: “Sound Mosaic”

Korus’ main proprietary tool, “Sound Mosaic,” is a music composition algorithm that can generate music based on the uploaded stem files. The platform compensates artists for the music they upload, granting them ownership of new content utilizing their stems. Moreover, users share royalties with the original IP holders. The Sound Mosaic tool is set to be provided as an SDK for developers to integrate into their products, fostering new music experiences.

Monetization and AI Models

Each artist on the platform is developing proprietary AI models based on their intellectual property to monetize and engage with fans. Deadmau5 launched his AI model, “Mau5trap DNA,” featuring tracks from his independent record label. This innovative approach has demonstrated significant revenue potential, with the Mau5trap drop generating approximately $25,000 within 24 hours, showcasing the platform’s ability to empower emerging artists.

Business Model and Future Developments

Pixelynx is actively refining its business model, drawing inspiration from gaming and microtransactions to design an engaging economy within the platform. The company has also secured an equity stake in Reveal, an unchained royalty-splitting platform, to ensure transparent royalty distribution for artists and creators.

AI Companions and Visual Tools

Korus introduces AI companions, or “KORS,” which users can train to generate new music and album images. The platform plans to offer paid companions customized by emerging and top artists, providing exclusive content for fans. Additionally, Korus has unveiled “Scenz,” a video tool for crafting visually captivating content, and “Layer Mosaic,” which allows users to modify stems and exercise musical creativity.

Soft Currency and Playlist Feature

With the introduction of “NOIZ,” a soft currency, users can purchase audio and visual content, as well as music downloads. Korus rewards users for creating tracks, sharing content, and engaging with the platform, offering a range of digital collectibles, merchandise, and gift cards. The new playlist feature aims to enhance music discovery and foster a community of creators within the platform.

Partnership with “Black Mirror” and Achievements

Pixelynx has announced a partnership with Netflix’s “Black Mirror” to launch a web3 experience, aiming to merge music, film, and TV with core technology to immerse fans in the worlds they love. Since its launch in May, Korus has facilitated the creation and minting of over 15,000 songs on-chain by its users.

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