New Feature “Dream Screen” Coming To YouTube Shorts


YouTube has unveiled an exciting new feature for its short-form video platform, Shorts. This feature, known as Dream Screen, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to enable users to create captivating videos. By simply typing in their desired content, users can now generate AI-created video or image backgrounds of their choice.

Key Takeaway

YouTube Shorts is introducing Dream Screen, an AI-generated video feature that enables users to create captivating short-form videos by typing in their desired content. This new feature expands the creative possibilities for users, making content creation more accessible and enhancing engagement on the platform.

The Power of Dream Screen

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan shared during the “Made on YouTube” live event that users can now witness their wildest imagination come to life on Shorts. For instance, by typing a phrase such as “a panda drinking coffee,” the AI technology swiftly generates a video image of the same scenario right on the screen. The possibilities are endless, with underwater castles, mythical creatures like dragons, and science fiction moonrises among the examples Mohan suggested.

YouTube’s aim with Dream Screen is to empower more creators to publish content on the platform, regardless of their experience with YouTube analytics or access to a professional production studio. By providing simple and innovative AI tools, YouTube hopes to democratize the content creation process and foster creativity among a wider user base.

Increasing Engagement and Viewership

The introduction of Dream Screen builds upon the success of YouTube Shorts, which has experienced tremendous growth in recent months. Currently, the platform garners over 70 billion daily views, surpassing January’s record of 50 billion. With the integration of AI capabilities, YouTube expects these numbers to rise even further.

“At YouTube, we strive to make content creation accessible for everyone, and we firmly believe that generative AI will help achieve that goal,” stated Mohan.

Looking Ahead

The Dream Screen feature is scheduled for release in early 2023, allowing users to unlock their creativity and enhance their Shorts experience. With this exciting development, YouTube is set to transform how users engage with and create short-form videos, harnessing the power of AI-generated backgrounds.

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