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Can 305 Fitness Help You Dance the Calories Away?

305 Fitness Featured

Due to the pandemic, people’s way of living changed. We had to alter our daily routines as a safety precaution. However, as we always wanted to achieve our goals, we look for alternative ways to pursue what we want, especially when it comes to our health. We perform our workouts at home to maintain our healthy lifestyle. However, some people do not prefer doing different exercises like running or lifting. Some just go dancing. This is what 305 Fitness is good at.

As you go on reading this article, you will know what 305 Fitness is. Aside from that, you will have an overview of its unique features and its pros and cons.


What Is 305 Fitness?

305 Fitness
Photo by 305 Fitness


An entrepreneur and dance enthusiast, Sadie Kurzban created 305 Fitness. She named it after Miami’s area code. 305 Fitness is a physical dance studio as well as n online subscription. This fitness platform teaches dance classes that help people get fit and be healthy.


305 Fitness Subscription and Cost

305 Fitness Pricing
Screenshot from 305 Fitness


A single class on 305 Fitness costs $34, which expires in 30 days. However, if you prefer to take five classes, you can take them for only $164, and it expires in three months. On the other hand, if you prefer more classes to take, you can opt to pay for ten classes for only $299, which saves you $40. This offering will expire in four months. If you want to save and twerk more, you can pay $569 for 20 classes, which will expire in 12 months.

For new clients, 305 Fitness offers the “2for1 special,” which lets you enjoy two classes for the price of one. That means that you will pay only $17 per class.

In addition to this, 305 Fitness also takes into account your finances and employment status. Therefore, it lets you care for yourself despite different challenges. For example, you can enjoy its offering of $14.50 per month if you belong to those who experience discrimination either on hiring or pay level. Also, if you are struggling to pay any other expenses and take care of children, the elderly, or a person with a disability, you can enjoy this discounted price. It only means that 305 Fitness cares for every person of different economic levels.


305 at Home

305 fitness at home
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If you want to work out and dance in the comfort of your home, you can subscribe to 305 At Home. This will help you achieve your goals, boost your confidence, and make your home your stage. It offers a seven-day free trial, and after the trial, you can select between monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly subscription will cost you $28.99 per month, while the annual subscription costs $174.99 annually. These subscriptions give you access to all 305 Fitness’s on-demand dance workouts. In addition, you can also join live classes, which can happen occasionally. What’s interesting is that you can use your iOS, Android, or Apple TV and dance to the groove with a yoga mat and any clothes, which make you comfortable.


Payment Options

Android users can pay through Google Play. Likewise, iOS users can pay through their iTunes account. 305 Fitness also accepts payment through debit cards.


305 Fitness Program Features

305 fitness logo
Photo by 305 Fitness



305 Fitness is a nightclub-inspired workout. Each session is backed with live-DJ and ever-changing disco lighting, which highlight each session. Furthermore, each cardio class will indeed work with you from head to toe. While enjoying the dance cardio party, expect high-intensity interval training with hip hop, sports drills, and conditioning exercises. The DJ plays non-stop music to keep you alive and sweating to engage yourself in high-energy activities. Classes usually take 30 or 40 minutes so that it won’t take much of your time.



You will need to warm up for the first ten minutes. And, after that, you are ready for that non-stop grooving with easy to follow, sweat-soaked dance workout. You’ll just feel that you lose more than a hundred calories after the session. The moves include aerobics and hip hop, so there are transitions. But, if you could not follow the given steps, you need not worry since they are repeated. You still have the chance to master the moves and enjoy them. Furthermore, the instructors are always providing cues for each movement not to break the pace.


Music Sequence

Live DJs and instructors are amazing in using music sequences. This gives you a prompt when changing direction or movement is going to happen. Moreover, it’s just like they are preparing you for the changes through their actions and cues. The music and the enthusiastic instructors will not let you off the beat. You will still enjoy the changes even with just the instructors’ voices.



Even if you are in the club or at your home dancing, you will still feel your blood rushing. The music and fast-paced choreography will keep you alive and kicking. You won’t feel tired even after the workout, and you will still enjoy the rave after burning calories. Also, you will feel like you own the stage, and you are the master of the house.



305 Fitness’s instructors are brilliant, lively, and passionate. They intend to give you the best experience possible and do not comment if you are doing bad. However, if you nail some part, they shout out your name, which can encourage. The instructors are doing the best they can and can perfectly interact with everyone.


305 Fitness Classes

305 classes
Photo by 305 Fitness



Tone It Up

This is the section for effortless five to ten minutes of workouts to target specific body parts. It varies every day of the week to focus on the particular part of the body. Moreover, each instructor uses a different setup using various equipment to tone the specific body part for the day.


Quick Warm-Up

Instructors are making sure that everyone does quick warm-ups to get the bodies ready. Warming up helps loosen up the muscles as preparation for intensive workouts.



This is what ends every dance workout to enhance the body’s flexibility. This is because the muscles show a high degree of elasticity after every exercise. Also, stretching helps to enrich the body’s range of movement.



These incorporate five minutes of extensive movement. Sprints include high knees, burpees, punches, jump squats, and many others. So, in this section, prepare to catch your breath.


Community Class

This is a 55-minute class. 305 Fitness offers this class to help the community. This is because the portion of the proceeds is allotted to support Everytown, a movement of Americans working together to prevent gun violence and build safer communities for all.


Cardio Basics


This 45-minute workout is not intense since it slightly lessens the tempo but still makes you sweat all over. It is ideal and highly recommended for beginners or those who are into a quite moderate class. The wild party energy is the same as other classes, but the movements are only fundamentals. For this reason, it is easier to catch up on the dance moves since they are broken down a bit. Furthermore, go with the groove. In addition, you will be taught the most basic steps until you are ready for the other classes. The toning section for this class focuses on arms.



This is a 50-minute strength, calorie-burning, and conditioning class that shapes lean muscle. Also, it shapes your body as you dream it to be since it targets the glutes and core. The party vibe in this class is intense but focuses on low-impact, strength, and conditioning exercises.


Cardio Advanced

This is a 58-minute intense class, and you need to work your ass out to do more dancing, more impulsive footwork, more powerful sprints, and more effective toning for the whole body. Performing the workouts in this class, you have no time to chat with your buddies; less stretching is completed, but more exertion. In short, this is a vigorous class and recommended to anyone who has taken more than 20 classes.


Sculpt Class

This is a 45-minute low-impact class, which is 305 Fitness’s contradictory class to barre. It is easy to perform, and slow-paced compared to the cardio classes. It aims to build strength among women by including planks and push-ups in the class. Moreover, the class requires using dumbbells and resistance bands before full-body exercises to ensure you have long and lean muscles.




This is a 55-minute flexibility class that is different from any other yoga class. It combines yoga, dance, biomechanics, and physical therapy methods. This helps improve back pains and tight hips. In addition, you will get to have better rolls as the class involves active stretching that helps increase flexibility.


305 Fitness Programs on YouTube

Here are some of 305 Fitness program offerings that you can watch for free on YouTube.

  • Live Workouts Every Friday
  • Dance Cardio Collection
  • 15-Minute Sweat Sessions
  • Booty Workout
  • Flex on ‘Em Strength and Toning
  • Fiver Favorites


Pros and Cons of 305 Fitness


  • An accessible form of physical activity
  • Incredible playlist
  • Classes having different structures
  • Vibrant, engaging, and motivating instructors
  • No equipment necessary


  • Expensive membership


305 Fitness vs. Online Dance/Fitness Platforms

AKT on Demand


This is an online version of the international fitness expert Anna Kaiser’s dance-cardio-strength training method. You can perform the workouts anytime, anywhere, if you feel like you want to be sweaty. You can do it in a gym, park, beach, or your room; anywhere you can bring your devices. Aside from full-length workouts, there are also short ten to 20 minutes workouts ranging from beginner to advanced. In addition, it offers a subscription wherein you can enjoy live fitness and get a personal training session or trainer consultation.



It offers live streaming and on-demand workout classes, provides personalized recommendations, sets your own goals, follows guided programs, and tracks your progress. You can take intense dance workouts, barre fitness, boxing, HIIT, or flow, whatever your body wants. And since it offers several workout classes available, you can choose what’s best for you. You can screen them according to duration, target body area, and equipment needed. If you don’t have any equipment and want to work out at your home, you can choose the classes that do not require any equipment.

Also, if you are busy, you can select the one that won’t take a long time to perform. NEOU won’t let you off-track, giving you the best and fun ways to care for yourself through fitness. More importantly, you can get to watch it on Apple TV, Roku, Fire, laptop, and mobile devices.




It is an acronym for “Our Body Electric.” Its creators were inspired by the fun, colorful, and upbeat workouts their mother used to perform at home. It offers a wide range of training workouts, including live and on-demand pilates, cardio dance, yoga, HIIT, barre, strength training, and cardio boxing. What’s unique with Obé is that the classes are always live and only take place in the morning. Also, it is somewhat pricey and needs equipment. Thus, it may not be suitable for many, but it can be an excellent one for the right person, for instance, those taking graveyard shifts.


Can 305 Fitness Help You Dance Calories Away?

Dancing helps improve physical fitness. It also helps enhance one’s sociability, leading to improved mental health. This being said, dancing is beneficial. However, most are not aware that through dancing, one can get rid of unwanted calories. 305 Fitness, offering intensive dance workouts, is of great help to dance your calories away. You don’t need expensive equipment to perform the workouts, and you just need a towel and a liter of water. You need not worry if you are not a dancer, just enjoy the groove and think that you are just bidding goodbye to your calories.

If you are not comfortable dancing your calories away, you may also try AKT on Demand, NEOU, or Obé. Maybe one can help you out with your calories and make you perform your workouts comfortably.

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