Pacifico Biolabs: Revolutionizing Seafood With Fermentation Process


In a bid to revolutionize the seafood industry, Berlin-based Pacifico Biolabs has emerged from stealth, unveiling its innovative fermentation process for creating alternative seafood. The company’s unique approach aims to produce whole muscle structures through fermentation, marking a significant breakthrough in the realm of alternative proteins.

Key Takeaway

Pacifico Biolabs has unveiled a groundbreaking fermentation process for creating alternative seafood, signaling a major advancement in the quest for sustainable and cost-effective protein sources.

Founders and Vision

Co-founded by Zac Austin, who previously served as a strategy consultant at McKinsey in London, and Washington Nelson Logroño Vintimilla, a biotechnology graduate, Pacifico Biolabs is set to disrupt the traditional seafood market. Austin emphasizes that their fermentation process is a game-changer, particularly in creating highly nutritious biomass suitable for white fish filet products.

Fermentation Process

The company’s fermentation process involves the cultivation of various microorganisms, including mycelium, to provide nutrition, flavor, and texture. Moreover, Pacifico Biolabs is committed to reducing food waste by utilizing side streams from other food productions. The development of a new production process underscores the company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Investment and Future Outlook

Having secured $3.3 million in pre-seed funding, Pacifico Biolabs is poised to scale its fermentation process and introduce its first products to the European market upon regulatory approval. The company’s long-term vision includes the potential to produce alternative seafood at a cost significantly lower than traditional farmed fish, making it economically viable across various food categories.

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