Dreamfarm Innovates Plant-Based Mozzarella To Revolutionize Vegan Cheese Market


Dreamfarm, a startup based in Italy’s Food Valley, is on a mission to create the perfect vegan mozzarella. Vegan cheese has been notorious for its lackluster taste and texture, but Dreamfarm aims to change that with its innovative plant-based mozzarella. The company utilizes a base of fermented almonds and a few other ingredients to create a vegan cheese that closely resembles traditional mozzarella.

Key Takeaway

Dreamfarm is revolutionizing the vegan cheese market with its plant-based mozzarella, which offers a superior taste and texture compared to other vegan cheese alternatives.

Improving the Vegan Cheese Experience

Unlike other vegan cheese products, Dreamfarm’s vegan mozzarella comes in the form of a ball suspended in liquid, just like traditional dairy-based mozzarella. The startup has even secured a patent for the process used to create this innovative “mozzarella in liquid” using a blend of vegan ingredients. In addition to its authentic texture, the plant-based cheese boasts an ‘A’ Nutri-Score, with lower levels of fat, saturated fat, and salt compared to dairy-based mozzarella.

“The idea was that we wanted to create the champion in the plant-based cheese category,” says Dreamfarm CEO Giovanni Menozzi. “And so we will not compromise on ingredients, on Nutri-Score, in general on healthy score.”

Raising the Bar for Vegan Cheese

Dreamfarm’s founders, Maddalena Zanoni and Mattia Sandei, recognized the opportunity to expand the vegan cheese market by focusing on product quality. They observed that existing plant-based cheese products were lacking in taste and healthiness due to the abundance of ingredients. Inspired by the success of the meat alternative industry, they aimed to create a “clean label” mozzarella alternative with fewer ingredients and a higher Nutri-Score.

The ingredients list for Dreamfarm’s vegan mozzarella includes almond base, vegetable fiber, salt, agar-agar, natural aroma, and ferments. Compared to other vegan cheeses, which often contain coconut oil and other less healthy ingredients, Dreamfarm’s mozzarella offers a healthier and tastier alternative.

Gaining Traction in the Market

Dreamfarm’s plant-based mozzarella has captured the attention of consumers, influencers, and even pizza restaurant chains. The product has been outselling rival vegan mozzarella products fivefold in certain supermarkets. Despite minimal marketing investment, the mozzarella has gone viral through influencers who have purchased and showcased the product on platforms like Instagram.

The startup recently announced the closure of a €5 million pre-seed round of funding, with investment from local business angels with ties to the food industry. The funding will enable Dreamfarm to expand its market presence within Europe and develop additional vegan cheese products, such as Stracciatella and burrata.

Dreamfarm is dedicated to perfecting the vegan cheese experience and is continuously refining its mozzarella recipe. The company aims to extend the product’s shelf life, explore freezing capabilities, and develop specific recipes for its mozzarella-based vegan pizza.

With its commitment to quality and innovation, Dreamfarm is poised to revolutionize the vegan cheese market and provide consumers with a delicious and healthier alternative to dairy-based mozzarella.

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