Heura Introduces “York Ham Style Slices” To Its 100% Plant-Based Vegan Mix


Barcelona-based plant-based protein disruptor, Heura, is set to launch a groundbreaking product in Spain and France. The new “Jamón York style” slices are 100% plant-based and are designed to appeal even to committed meat eaters. These vegan cold cuts not only look and taste like real ham but also offer several advantages over their meat-based counterparts.

Key Takeaway

Heura’s “York Ham Style Slices” are a groundbreaking addition to the plant-based protein market. With their superior nutrition, clean label status, and innovative production technique, they offer a viable alternative to meat products. However, the price premium remains a hurdle that needs to be overcome to achieve wider consumer adoption.

Nutritional Superiority in a Clean Label Package

Heura claims that its “York ham style” slices have a superior nutritional profile compared to actual ham, with a protein density of 65%. The product contains no additives, apart from a small amount of salt. This makes it the first of its kind in the category to achieve a “clean label” status. Unlike many other vegan meat products on the market, the manufacturing process of Heura’s slices does not involve ultraprocessing, chemical additives, or techniques such as wet extrusion.

A Novel “Thermo-Mechanical” Technique

Heura has developed a patent-pending “thermo-mechanical” technique to produce the vegan ham slices. This process eliminates the need for food additives, E-numbers, and chemically modified ingredients. Using a combination of heating, cooling, mixing, and shearing at specific pH ranges, Heura creates a texture and sensation that closely resembles meat. The addition of natural flavors enhances the taste of the slices.

A Game-Changer for the Environment

Heura’s plant-based product is not only a healthier alternative but also has a significantly lower environmental impact than meat-based products. The land required to produce soybeans, olives, and vegetables for Heura’s faux ham is much smaller compared to the land needed to raise pigs for pork products. Additionally, using plant-derived proteins eliminates any animal welfare concerns.

Affordability Gap remains

While Heura’s York-style ham offers a high-quality alternative to meat, there is still a price premium. A packet of Heura’s faux ham costs around €2.99 for just 78g (four slices), whereas a 200g packet of pig-based ham can be purchased for around €2. This affordability gap limits consumer adoption, especially during a period of high food inflation and tight food budgets. Heura acknowledges that price-parity with meat products is a challenge that needs to be addressed.

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