New Startup Rhythms Aims To Improve Team Productivity Through AI-driven Insights


A new company called Rhythms has recently emerged from stealth mode with the mission to help organizations enhance their productivity by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to identify successful team habits. Rhythms integrates seamlessly with a business’ existing internal applications and platforms, and it focuses on recognizing and analyzing regular sets of activities, such as business reviews, retrospectives, and cross-functional meetings. By utilizing AI, Rhythms aims to extract valuable insights from these patterns and provide recommendations that teams and organizations can adopt to optimize their performance and achieve their goals more efficiently.

Key Takeaway

Rhythms, a new startup, aims to enhance team productivity by utilizing AI to identify successful team habits. By integrating with existing internal applications and platforms, Rhythms analyzes regular sets of activities and provides insights and recommendations to optimize team performance. The platform allows teams to personalize and adopt the rhythms of other successful teams within and outside of their organizations. While there may be concerns about rigid routines and privacy, Rhythms emphasizes flexibility and customizable options. The company has secured significant investments, demonstrating investor confidence in its potential. The funds will be used for product development, team expansion, and a platform preview for select customers in early 2024.

Vetri Vellore, the founder of Rhythms, was inspired to create the company after successfully selling, an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) software vendor that he founded back in 2018, to Microsoft. Vellore, who previously held a position as a product unit manager at Microsoft, has a strong presence in the enterprise productivity software space. Prior to, he also launched Chronus, a talent and career development platform. With his extensive background and expertise in this field, Vellore is confident that Rhythms has the potential to revolutionize the way teams work and simplify their everyday workflows, enabling organizations to achieve new levels of performance.

Personalizable Rhythm Integration

Rhythms offers teams the opportunity to customize and adopt the rhythms of other teams, both within and outside of their organizations. This unique feature allows teams to personalize their working patterns and incorporate successful practices from other teams that align with their own objectives. Vellore emphasized that Rhythms’ AI-powered system does not identify activities specific to individuals or analyze individual productivity. The company places a strong emphasis on data privacy and security, rooted in their deep understanding of enterprise requirements and their commitment to compliance from day one of the platform’s development.

Potential Benefits and Considerations

While adopting successful team habits may seem like a promising approach to boost productivity, it is important to consider the need for flexibility and adaptability in the workplace. Successful teams may have established routines and rituals that may not necessarily align with the work culture of other teams. Furthermore, strict routines may hinder innovation and the ability to adapt to change effectively. Vellore addressed these concerns by stating that Rhythms’ solution allows teams to customize their rhythms easily, similar to how the tone of generated text can be adjusted in ChatGPT while retaining the core content. As the platform continues to evolve, it will offer even more adaptability for teams.

Investor Confidence and Future Plans

Rhythms has garnered significant attention from investors, even before securing its first customer. Greenoaks and Madrona co-led a $26 million seed round, joined by Accel, Cercano, and Founders’ Co-op. Notably, these investors had previously backed Vellore’s previous venture,, which suggests a strong vote of confidence in Vellore’s capabilities and the potential of Rhythms’ platform. The funds from this investment will be allocated towards product development, expanding Rhythms’ teams in Seattle and India (where the majority of the company’s engineering work is conducted), and preparing for a platform preview for select customers in early 2024.

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