Dataminr Implements Layoffs And Focuses On AI Development


Dataminr, the renowned New York-based big data startup valued at $4.1 billion, is undergoing significant restructuring. The company, which utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and big data algorithms to offer predictive insights on global events and news, is laying off approximately 20% of its workforce, amounting to around 150 employees. According to a memo shared by founder and CEO Ted Bailey, the decision was driven by the economic environment, operational efficiencies, and the rapid advancements of their AI platform.

Key Takeaway

Dataminr, the $4.1 billion big data startup, is undergoing a 20% workforce reduction, resulting in 150 job cuts. This move is part of the company’s strategy to strengthen its financial position and intensify its focus on advancing its AI platform.

As part of this restructuring, employees were instructed to work from home while awaiting confirmation regarding their employment status. Although it had been hinted since October that a restructuring was imminent, details on which departments would be affected and the company’s recent business performance remain undisclosed.

Bailey emphasized in the memo that these measures will enable Dataminr to achieve a robust financial standing in the future. The company aims to continue progressing its AI platform and products, including the launch of a new AI platform in the first quarter. This platform will combine predictive AI with generative AI, necessitating further investment. However, with the changes implemented, Dataminr anticipates having multiple years of cash runway and achieving near-term profitability. This suggests a potential scenario where the company does not seek additional external funding.

Confirmation of the memo’s details was obtained from a company spokesperson, following initial reach-outs to various individuals, including Bailey and the media relations team. Additionally, there have been LinkedIn posts from individuals who heard about the layoffs and are seeking to hire those affected.

Dataminr rose to prominence in 2009 when the utilization of big data techniques to analyze social media posts and integrate them with structured and unstructured data was on the rise. The company focused on providing insights about global events and news, enabling users to stay updated in real-time. Despite some controversy surrounding the company’s data usage, Dataminr established significant partnerships with platforms like Twitter and secured clients in government, enterprise, financial services, and media sectors.

During the funding boom of the 2010s, Dataminr successfully raised substantial investments, reaching a valuation of $4.1 billion after raising $475 million in 2021. Its funding exceeded $1 billion, attracting over 100 investors, including Fidelity and Morgan Stanley. Despite Twitter (now called X) being an early investor, the platform divested its stake in Dataminr. Recent funding data shows additional undisclosed investments obtained by the company over the past year.

Dataminr has historically employed a considerable number of subject experts alongside engineers, sales, and customer success specialists. However, the company has shifted its focus toward AI technology. This strategic move likely contributed to the decision to downsize its workforce without compromising its core business operations.

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