New Findings Reveal Apple’s Lockdown Mode Successful In Preventing Hacks


Last year, Apple introduced Lockdown Mode, a special protection feature aimed at safeguarding at-risk users like journalists and activists from cyberattacks. After a year of implementation, Apple has recently confirmed that it is not aware of any successful hacks against individuals utilizing Lockdown Mode.

Key Takeaway

Apple’s Lockdown Mode has proven effective in protecting users against cyberattacks, as no successful hacks have been reported.

Enhanced Protection with Lockdown Mode

Lockdown Mode alters the functionality of certain Apple apps and services when enabled. For instance, attachments and link previews in iMessage are blocked, FaceTime calls from unknown contacts are filtered, location information is removed from shared pictures, and certain fonts on websites are prevented from loading.

While these changes may make using an iPhone slightly more inconvenient, they significantly reduce the risk of cyber vulnerabilities and successful hacking attempts.

Real-Life Instances of Lockdown Mode’s Effectiveness

In April, Citizen Lab, a digital rights research group, reported the first documented case of Lockdown Mode successfully blocking an attempted hack using the Pegasus spyware developed by government surveillance vendor NSO Group. Apple swiftly acknowledged the incident and confirmed that Lockdown Mode had effectively thwarted the attack.

Later in September, another attack was prevented by Lockdown Mode. The target, Ahmed Eltantawy, a former Egyptian member of parliament, was targeted using the Predator spyware created by Cytrox, a government surveillance tech provider. Once again, Lockdown Mode proved its efficacy in defending against cyber intrusions.

Runa Sandvik, a digital security expert and the founder of Granitt, emphasized the significance of Lockdown Mode as an essential defense mechanism against threats like Pegasus and Predator.

“Lockdown Mode is currently the best defense we have against Pegasus and Predator,” stated Sandvik in a recent blog post.

With Apple’s continuous efforts to enhance user privacy and security, Lockdown Mode serves as a powerful tool in the fight against cyberattacks, offering peace of mind to individuals operating in sensitive environments.

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