New Realities At COP28: Facing The Truth About Climate Change


At COP28, the world finally acknowledged the obvious. The conference, held in the United Arab Emirates, shed light on the pressing issue of climate change and the global response to it. As an experienced climate reporter, I have witnessed the evolution of COP proceedings over the years, and it’s clear that they serve as indicators of the urgent actions needed to combat climate change.

Key Takeaway

COP28 highlighted the critical need for global cooperation and decisive action to address the challenges of climate change, despite facing controversies and skepticism.

Reflecting on COP Proceedings

As a climate reporter with a background in ecology, I’ve observed COPs as crucial events that reflect the progress and shortcomings in addressing climate change. While some headway has been made in curbing emissions, the continued expansion of fossil fuel usage underscores the significant challenges that persist.

Challenges and Controversies at COP28

This year’s COP28 faced skepticism from the outset, being hosted by a major oil producer, the United Arab Emirates. Leaked documents revealed the country’s intentions to pursue oil and gas deals during the conference, raising concerns about conflicting interests. Furthermore, statements from the COP28 president and CEO of the UAE’s state oil company dismissing the impact of halting fossil fuel usage contradicted established scientific evidence.

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