New Platform Opna Aims To Help Businesses Achieve Net Zero Emissions


A London-based company called Opna has raised $6.5 million in seed funding as it sets out to help businesses in their efforts to achieve net zero emissions by connecting them with carbon projects. Opna acts as a platform that allows corporations to find and fund vetted carbon projects as part of their offsetting initiatives. The company aims to simplify the process by providing standardized processes and agreements, as well as enabling companies to monitor their portfolio of projects over time through key performance indicators (KPIs) and risk reporting.

Key Takeaway

Opna has raised $6.5 million in seed funding to develop a platform that helps businesses find and fund carbon projects as part of their net zero efforts. The company offers a streamlined process, standardized agreements, and monitoring capabilities. By focusing on projects with established frameworks and standards, Opna aims to bridge the gap between investors and developers, ensuring a future supply of high-quality carbon credits.

Simplifying Carbon Project Investment

The current process of carbon project discovery and financing is largely manual and lacks digitalization. Opna intends to change this by offering a streamlined platform where businesses can easily find fully-vetted project developers, saving them time and money in sourcing projects to fund. The company focuses on projects that have established frameworks and standards, where the science is more known, in order to tackle the financing challenge effectively.

Supporting Small and Mid-Sized Players

Opna primarily aims to support small and mid-sized project developers that require upfront financing to fulfill their carbon projects. The company enables financiers, such as corporations, to provide funding in exchange for future carbon credits or a commitment to purchase carbon credits once they are delivered. By focusing on projects with known frameworks and standards, Opna helps bridge the gap between investors and developers and facilitates the growth of new projects.

A Unique Offering in the Market

While there are other players in the carbon market space, Opna sets itself apart by not simply allowing companies to purchase existing carbon credits. Instead, it focuses on financing projects from the early stages, ensuring a future supply of high-quality credits to meet companies’ net zero goals. By providing upfront funding, Opna helps bring projects to life, creating a sustainable pipeline of credits for businesses looking to offset their emissions.

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