New Geospatial Data Startup Revolutionizes Satellite Imagery Visualization


Former Uber engineers, Sina Kashuk and Isaac Brodsky, have unveiled a groundbreaking platform that aims to streamline the visualization of geospatial data obtained from satellites. The startup, Fused, has recently emerged from stealth mode, backed by $1 million in pre-seed funding, and is set to transform the way satellite imagery is processed and utilized.

Key Takeaway

Fused, a new geospatial data startup, has introduced a revolutionary platform that simplifies the processing and visualization of satellite imagery. By harnessing the power of serverless computing and open source tools, Fused is poised to reshape the landscape of geospatial data utilization, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency in data processing.

The Fused Platform: A Game-Changer in Geospatial Data Processing

Fused is a sophisticated three-part system designed to efficiently process satellite data and convert it into actionable visual representations. By leveraging serverless architecture and open source tools, Fused is able to rapidly transform raw data into valuable insights, enabling its integration into popular applications like Excel, Airtable, and Notion. The platform’s key differentiators lie in its simplicity, speed, and ability to handle large-scale data processing.

From Uber to Fused: The Evolution of a Vision

Co-founder and CEO, Sina Kashuk, shared that the journey to develop Fused was preceded by their experience at Uber and a previous venture called The latter, focused on data visualization, faced challenges in commercialization due to its heavy reliance on open source components. Recognizing the untapped potential in processing data from commercial satellites, Kashuk and Brodsky seized the opportunity to address the persisting challenges in geospatial data processing.

Empowering Data Consumption with Serverless Computing

Fused capitalizes on the advancements in serverless computing to offer a middleware processing layer that enhances the consumability of geospatial data. By leveraging a serverless processing engine, Fused is able to monetize data processing through its API gateway, providing a seamless and efficient solution for customers.

Python-Powered Innovation

The platform is built using Python, a widely adopted language among data scientists and developers. Fused’s system architecture revolves around user defined functions (UDFs), which are open source templates that enable the community to create and customize visualizations. This, combined with the platform’s processing capabilities, allows for rapid data breakdown and visualization, setting a new standard for speed and efficiency in the industry.

Unveiling Fused Workbench: A Catalyst for Data Visualization

Central to Fused’s offering is the Fused Workbench, a powerful tool that enables users to interact with and visualize geospatial data in real time. This innovative feature, coupled with the platform’s backend API, empowers users to explore and analyze data with unprecedented speed and flexibility.

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