New App “Capture” Released By Amo For Effortless Photo Sharing


In a world saturated with photo-sharing apps, Amo, the French startup founded by veterans in the industry, is striving to make a mark with their second app, “Capture”. The app’s primary focus is on the act of taking photos rather than consuming others’ content, providing a unique and simplified experience for users.

Key Takeaway

Amo’s new app, “Capture”, revolutionizes photo-sharing by shifting the focus back to the act of capturing photos. With its simplified interface, creative features, and seamless social experience, Capture offers a refreshing alternative to the overwhelming feeds of traditional photo-sharing platforms. By encouraging users to embrace spontaneity and genuine moments, Amo aims to bring back the joy of sharing with friends.

Putting the “Capture” in Photo Capture

Unlike traditional photo-sharing apps, Capture eliminates the need for action buttons and preview screens. When users open the app, they are immediately greeted with a viewfinder and a large shutter button. There’s no fuss or distractions, allowing users to simply point, shoot, and move on.

This creation-first approach is intentional – the team at Amo wants to bring the joy of capturing moments back into the forefront. Antoine Martin, co-founder of Amo, explains, “If I’m walking down the street and see something I like, I just capture it, I’m there, I take a photo, and it’s in my pocket. I don’t spend minutes looking at a preview.”

Without the burden of having to decide what to share and with whom, Amo enables users to effortlessly share every photo they take with Capture. This simplicity takes away the pressure of curating the perfect feed and allows for genuine, spur-of-the-moment content.

A Personalized Photo Experience

Capture goes beyond just snapping a photo by incorporating various features to enhance users’ creativity. By default, the app saves two photos – what is seen through the viewfinder and a wide-angle shot. Additionally, there are other modes such as frontback and superzoom, providing users with opportunities to add context and artistic flair to their photos.

Amo also takes advantage of the accelerometer to transform static photos into dynamic, animated images. Tilt your phone forward and backward, and the wide-angle shot, selfie, or zoomed-in photos come to life. The app’s haptic effects further immerse users in the experience, allowing them to feel the app as it subtly vibrates in their hands.

A Seamless Social Experience

While Capture is primarily a camera app, it also offers a social aspect. Users can easily view and comment on their friends’ photos in a feed-like format reminiscent of a shared camera roll. The content is raw and reflects everyday moments, creating a more genuine and relatable experience compared to highly curated feeds.

Amo’s unique strategy of building a galaxy of interconnected social apps sets them apart in the digital landscape. When users create a profile and add friends in one app, they seamlessly carry over to other Amo apps. This unified experience fosters user growth and encourages a real-life connection with friends and loved ones.

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