Amo Launches New Location-Sharing App Similar To Zenly


Amo, the Paris-based startup known for its consumer social apps, has unveiled its third app, and it bears a striking resemblance to Zenly, the popular location-sharing platform. The team behind Amo comprises ten co-founders who previously worked on Zenly, the app that gained significant traction in Europe before being acquired by Snap and subsequently discontinued.

Key Takeaway

Amo, the company behind the popular Zenly app, has launched a new location-sharing app called Location, which aims to recreate the beloved features of Zenly while adding new and improved functionalities.

Amo’s Series of Social Apps

Amo’s latest release, named Location, joins the startup’s existing lineup, which includes ID and Capture. The first app, ID, provides users with a unique social media profile where they can express themselves using various multimedia elements. Capture, the second app, is a collaborative social camera that offers a fresh approach to photography and facilitates shared photo albums among friends and family.

Introducing Location: A Familiar Concept

Amo’s new app, Location, is a straightforward location-sharing application that allows users to keep track of their friends’ whereabouts in real time. The app’s functionality closely mirrors that of Zenly, offering users the ability to view their friends’ locations, interact with them, and make plans to meet up.

Enhanced Features and User Experience

Amo’s CEO, Antoine Martin, emphasized the app’s more mature approach compared to Zenly, highlighting features such as the ability to send notifications to friends and seamlessly navigate the map interface. Location aims to strike a balance between utility and entertainment, offering features like real-time location tracking, interactive gestures, and seamless integration with communication and navigation apps.

Privacy and Customization

Recognizing the importance of privacy, Amo has incorporated robust privacy settings into all its apps, including Location. Users have the flexibility to control which friends can access their location, ensuring a tailored and secure experience.

Reviving Interest in Location-Sharing

Despite the proliferation of Zenly-inspired apps in the App Store, there remains a notable demand for location-sharing platforms. Amo’s strategic expansion into this space with the launch of Location aims to re-engage former Zenly users and attract new users who are already familiar with the company’s ecosystem through ID and Capture.

As Amo continues to bridge the network effects between its three interconnected apps, the impact on the social app landscape is poised to be compelling and worth monitoring.

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