Match Group Strikes Deal With OpenAI For Enterprise Licenses


In a recent press release, Match Group announced a significant enterprise agreement with OpenAI, the creator of the AI chatbot, ChatGPT. The agreement involves the acquisition of over 1,000 enterprise licenses by the dating app giant, which is home to popular platforms such as Tinder, Match, OKCupid, and Hinge. This move is part of Match Group’s substantial investment of over $20 million in AI for the year 2024.

Key Takeaway

Match Group has entered into a substantial enterprise agreement with OpenAI, acquiring over 1,000 enterprise licenses for the utilization of AI technology across its dating app platforms. The company’s investment in AI innovation reflects its commitment to enhancing user experiences and improving productivity.

ChatGPT-Penned Release

The press release, written with the assistance of ChatGPT, exudes enthusiasm, with statements such as ChatGPT promising to be the indispensable “wingman” for employees and the CTO expressing uncontainable enthusiasm. The release even includes a somewhat cringe-worthy line about AI safety, likening the relationship with AI to a prenuptial agreement. It also features a quote from ChatGPT itself, expressing excitement about the partnership with Match Group.

Utilization of AI Technology

Match Group intends to leverage the AI technology, specifically ChatGPT-4, to assist with various tasks including coding, design, analysis, template creation, and communication. The company emphasizes that access to OpenAI’s tools will be restricted to trained and licensed employees to ensure the protection of corporate data. Additionally, employees will undergo mandatory training on responsible use, the technology’s capabilities, and limitations.

Impact on Match Group’s Business

While the cost of the agreement and its impact on Match Group’s bottom line were not disclosed, the company anticipates that the AI tools will enhance team productivity. Match Group’s executives have outlined plans to utilize AI technology to enhance existing products and develop new ones, with a focus on improving various aspects of the dating app experience.

AI’s Role in Match Group’s Future

CEO Bernard Kim expressed his belief in the existential role of AI in Match Group’s future, emphasizing its potential to create improved user experiences and enhance the company’s products. The company also hinted at the development of standalone AI-powered apps, which are slated for testing in 2024.

Integration of AI Across Match’s Portfolio

A centralized innovation team at Match, including the team from the acquisition of Hyperconnect, will be working on integrating AI across the company’s portfolio of apps and incubating new ideas. This move aligns with Match Group’s significant investment in AI innovation for the year.

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