Jude Secures $4.24M Seed Round To Revolutionize Bladder Health


Jude, the London-based bladder health startup, has recently closed a seed funding round, raising $4.24 million to expand its operations into the United States. The startup aims to address the significant attention gap in the bladder health market, focusing on providing solutions for the estimated 2.3 billion people worldwide who experience bladder problems.

Tackling an Underserved Market

While bladder health may not be a popular topic, it is a prevalent issue affecting both men and women. Jude seeks to establish itself as a category leader by initially targeting women’s health, a segment that has been overlooked in the past. Founder Peony Li believes that women are more open to discussing health issues, making it easier to create awareness and solutions for bladder-related problems. The startup plans to address male-specific bladder issues in the future.

The Untapped Potential

According to Li, the bladder health market is a complete white space with no competitors. This presents a unique opportunity for Jude to learn about bladder care and design products based on customer needs. Previous femtech startups primarily focused on younger women’s health, leaving a gap in addressing the health concerns of middle-aged women. Jude aims to target this demographic and become a go-to brand for bladder health solutions.

Key Takeaway

Jude, a London-based bladder health startup, has secured $4.24 million in seed funding to expand its operations into the US. The company aims to address the significant attention gap in the market for bladder health solutions, targeting the estimated 2.3 billion people worldwide who experience bladder problems. With a focus on women’s health initially, Jude plans to establish itself as a category leader in a space that has been overlooked and underserved in the past.

The Founder’s Personal Motivation

Peony Li, the sole founder of Jude, had a personal interest in bladder health due to her own experience with recurring urinary tract infections. Traditional healthcare routes failed to provide effective solutions, leading her to conduct extensive research before finding a solution. This experience highlighted to her the inadequate care pathways available for people with bladder problems, inspiring her to create Jude.

The Journey to Jude

Prior to founding Jude, Li worked in investment banking and spent time at Founders Factory and Daye, a period care femtech startup. Her experience in the medical supplies industry during the COVID-19 pandemic exposed her to vibrant and confident middle-aged women who had started their own businesses. This experience further drove Li’s motivation to address the underserved needs of this demographic.

A Multifaceted Solution

Jude currently offers a bladder strength supplement that combats bladder weakness and does not require a prescription. The supplement contains natural ingredients, including pumpkin seed extract and soygerm extract, and is backed by third-party studies supporting a claim of reducing leaks by 79%. In addition to the supplement, Jude’s e-shop provides absorbent pants, liners, and pads for purchase. The company also offers a support hotline staffed by trained specialists who provide free advice and guidance on bladder care.

Expanding the Digital Proposition

Jude is continuously working to enhance its digital offerings. It plans to launch a digital consultation service in the near future, allowing customers to respond to an online questionnaire that will be used to prescribe appropriate treatments. Li also envisions the inclusion of in-house urologists or doctors to further enhance the customer experience and provide reassurance.

Customer-Centric Approach

Jude actively involves its customers in product development to ensure its offerings meet their needs. The company seeks feedback from its community, allowing them to vote on packaging designs and suggest new product iterations. This customer-centric approach ensures that Jude’s products and services align with the desires and preferences of its target demographic.

Continued Growth and Research

Since its launch in the UK in January, Jude has attracted 18,000 customers and expects significant growth in the coming years. With the recent seed funding, the company plans to expand its reach and build out its digital proposition. Additionally, Jude aims to support advanced research in areas such as nutrition and bladder health, which may be of interest to health insurance companies.

Looking Ahead

As Jude prepares for its expansion into the US market, it aims to achieve 4x growth in UK usage over the next twelve months. The startup plans to sell its supplements through retail outlets by the end of this year and then expand to offer direct-to-consumer sales in early 2024. With a goal of reaching approximately 100,000 customers next year, Jude is confident in its ability to make a significant impact on bladder health and become a trusted brand in the industry.

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