ARM’s IPO Might Not Make The Impact Everyone Expects, Says Veteran VC


The recent announcement of chip designer ARM’s initial public offering (IPO) has created a buzz in the startup industry. Many are hopeful that ARM’s IPO will open the floodgates for other companies to go public. However, according to veteran VC Heidi Roizen, the impact of ARM’s IPO may not be as significant as anticipated.

Key Takeaway:

ARM’s IPO is unlikely to have a substantial impact on the overall startup industry, contrary to popular belief.

The Lowdown on ARM’s IPO

ARM, currently owned by SoftBank, has filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for its IPO. There is growing speculation that this highly anticipated offering will create opportunities for other companies to follow suit. However, Heidi Roizen believes that the impact of ARM’s IPO will be limited.

Heidi Roizen’s Insights

In a recent conversation with Roizen, who has years of experience as an operator, entrepreneur, and VC, she shared her perspective on ARM’s IPO and the current market landscape. Roizen emphasized the importance of considering the terms and structure of a deal rather than focusing solely on valuation.

Roizen highlighted that entrepreneurs need to be aware of various factors impacting the industry, including financing, compensation, and secondary market dynamics. While secondary sales were once considered taboo, they have now become more acceptable. Roizen also discussed the recent report about Tiger Global selling part of its stake in AI company Cohere and its potential implications for the market’s perception of Cohere.

The Role of Strategic Investors in AI Startups

Roizen, who sits on an AI committee at Stanford, emphasized the significance of strategic investors for AI startups. She explained that while strategic investors provide financial support, they also benefit from stock price appreciation. Roizen pointed out the recent investment by Salesforce in AI startup Hugging Face, cautioning that paying high prices could have consequences unless there are tangible synergies between the investor and the startup.

ARM’s IPO and the IPO Landscape

Amidst all the anticipation surrounding ARM’s IPO, Roizen shared her skepticism about its potential to revolutionize the IPO market. She dismissed the notion that one “super big” IPO could single-handedly open the floodgates for a slew of IPOs.

Roizen’s opinion challenges the prevailing belief that ARM’s IPO will have a transformative impact on the startup industry. While ARM’s IPO is expected to yield significant returns for SoftBank, it remains to be seen how much influence it will have on the IPO climate at large.

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