The Latest In Wireless Charging: What’s Up With Qi2?


If you’re keeping up with the latest gadget news, you might have come across a buzzword – Qi2. Both Anker and Mophie have recently announced products that embrace this new standard. So, what’s all the hype about Qi2 and why should you care? Let’s dive in and find out.

An Upgrade Beyond the Original

Qi2 is not merely an upgrade to the existing wireless charging standard; it brings significant advancements. The original Qi standard has been around since the early days of Barack Obama’s presidency. It gained popularity when Nokia adopted it for the Lumia 920 and Samsung followed suit with the Galaxy S3. Eventually, Apple joined in with the iPhone 8.

Qi has since become the go-to standard for wireless charging, dominating the market with over 9,000 Qi Certified products currently available. It has even made its way into public spaces, where furniture is now equipped with built-in Qi charging capabilities.

Key Takeaway

Qi2 is the next evolution of wireless charging, promising improved power efficiency and a “Magnetic Power Profile” for easier alignment.

Enhanced Power Efficiency and Magnetic Locking

Qi2 is set to make an entrance in the fourth quarter, initially through third-party accessories. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has highlighted its enhanced power efficiency, reducing power loss during the charging process.

However, the most significant upgrade for users is the introduction of the “Magnetic Power Profile.” Qi2-certified devices will now feature magnetic locking technology, ensuring seamless alignment with the charging pad. Say goodbye to the frustration of perfectly aligning your device on the charger. Imagine the convenience of Apple’s MagSafe, but across multiple brands and devices.

Android handsets are expected to adopt their own version of MagSafe, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the iPhone 15 becomes one of the first Qi2-enabled smartphones on the market. “Qi2 will enable development of faster wireless charging while ensuring the process remains safe, won’t shorten battery life, and won’t damage the receiver,” the consortium states.

Moreover, this new standard opens up opportunities for innovative product form factors, such as AR/VR headsets, and new types of accessories that magnetically attach to the phone’s back, like extra batteries.

A Rapid Rollout with Industry Giants

Qi2 has garnered massive support from tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Google, and Microsoft. With 344 companies currently involved in the Wireless Power Consortium, expect a swift rollout of Qi2-compatible devices and accessories.

Notably, Qi2 will maintain backward compatibility with the previous Qi standard. However, to experience optimum efficiency, pairing a Qi2 device with a Qi2 charger is recommended.

In conclusion, Qi2 brings advancements beyond its predecessor, promising improved power efficiency and the convenience of magnetic locking. As the industry embraces this new standard, we can expect an array of Qi2-enabled devices and accessories to hit the market in the near future. Stay tuned for the next chapter in wireless charging evolution.

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