10 Best Volume Boosters Application in 2024

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Having trouble hearing audio from your computer, phone, or headphones? Well then, a volume booster is what you need.

This software can help amplify quiet sounds so you don’t miss a thing.  We have curated a list of 10  best sound boosters to enhance your listening experience. Take your pick and choose the best volume booster you like.

1. Volume Booster Chrome Extension

Volume Booster Chrome Extension

This sound booster tool is an easy-to-use volume enhancement software for Windows, iPhone, and Android devices that can boost sound from any application.

It works in real-time to amplify quiet audio files, music, movies, games, and more up to 500% louder.

Key features:

  • Boosts volume in real-time across all audio sources
  • Simple interface with just a volume slider
  • Save custom presets for different situations
  • Works with headphones, speakers, HDMI, Bluetooth etc.

Pricing: Free version available.

2. Letasoft Sound Booster

Letasoft Sound Booster

Letasoft Sound Booster is a popular volume booster that runs in the background to amplify sound from all apps and web videos.

It’s lightweight software for boosting volume well beyond maximum levels.

Key features:

  • Boost quiet sounds up to 500%
  • Simple slider to control volume
  • Hot keys for quick adjustments
  • Save custom sound settings
  • Works with all apps and web videos

Letasoft Sound Booster has a free ad-supported version. The paid Premium version without ads is available for $19.95. It unlocks additional presets, an equalizer, blacklist options, and more.

3. Boom 3D

Boom 3D

Boom 3D provides system-wide volume amplification for Mac users. It works in the background to dynamically boost audio from built-in speakers or connected headphones.

It offers a 31-band equalizer for customizing sound profiles. The app has presets tuned for music, movies, podcasts, and more.

Key features:

  • Volume boost up to 400%
  • 31-band EQ for customized sound
  • Ambiance settings for different situations
  • Hotkeys for quick adjustments
  • Audio filters and spatial effects

Boom 3D has a free trial available. The paid version is $14.99 and unlocks full volume boosting features plus unlimited presets. It also adds Ambiance audio effects.

4. FXSound


FXSound is a powerful volume booster and audio enhancer for Windows PCs.

It works system-wide to amplify volume from any app up to 500% louder with enhanced clarity and thump.

FXSound also provides an advanced 31-band equalizer with 60 presets tuned for different audio sources. It has customizable audio effects like wide mode and subwoofer bass boost.

Key features:

  • Volume boost up to 500% louder
  • 31-band equalizer and 60 presets
  • Various audio effects like bass boost
  • Optimized for headphones
  • Works with all apps and websites

FXSound has a free version. However, you can donate any amount on the website.

5. FlexClip


FlexClip is a premier free web-based video editor that allows boosting audio volume right in your browser. No software download is required.

Simply upload your video files like MP4, MOV, and M4V to start editing. FlexClip makes it easy to amplify faint sounds in your clips for better audibility.

Beyond volume boosting, FlexClip provides useful features like:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Customizable templates
  • Access to stock photos, clips, animations, and music
  • Tools to trim, crop, and enhance videos
  • Text overlays and animations

As a fully online video editor, FlexClip lets you boost video volume from any Windows or Mac device for free.

6. Volumouse


Volumouse provides quick on-the-fly volume adjustment using the mouse wheel. Just scroll up or down to turn the system volume up and down smoothly.

The handy utility works in the background without heavy resource usage. Volumouse gives you granular control over the volume boost amount. It also lets you configure mute and unmute hotkeys.

Key features:

  • Adjust volume with mouse wheel
  • Set volume boost amount
  • Configure hotkeys for mute/unmute
  • Minimal system resource usage
  • Portable app, no install required

Volumouse is freely available with no ads or paid version. This compact tool makes volume control quick and easy.

7. VoiceMeeter


VoiceMeeter Banana is an advanced virtual audio mixer for Windows PCs and Macs. It allows precise control over input and output audio with boosting capabilities.

VoiceMeeter can boost PC volume up to +12 dB gain. It also provides 5.1 virtual surround sound, a parametric equalizer, a compressor, gate and more effects.

Key Features:

  • Volume boost up to +12dB
  • 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound
  • Hardware Inputs/Outputs Mixing
  • VST Plugin Support
  • Advanced Compressor, Gate, EQ

VoiceMeeter Banana is 100% free to download with no paid upgrades. It provides professional-grade audio mixing and enhancement.

8. Poweramp


Poweramp is a powerful music player for Android packed with audio enhancement features. It can significantly boost music volume along with virtualizer effects.

Poweramp plays all major music formats. It provides a customizable 10-band equalizer, bass/treble adjustment, and presets for optimal audio. The volume boost can be applied on top to make music up to 200% louder

Key Features:

  • Volume boost up to 200%
  • 10-band equalizer and presets
  • Virtualizer for enhanced stereo widening
  • Bass and treble boost
  • Plays all major audio formats

Poweramp has a free 15-day trial. The full unlocked app is $3.99 and features gapless playback, widgets and tag editing.

Benefits of Using a Volume Booster

Amplifying soft and quiet sounds with a volume booster provides many helpful benefits:

  • Hear everything: Boost faint sounds so you don’t miss a thing across any app or website.
  • Enhanced clarity: Make audio clearer and details more discernible at higher volumes.
  • Customization: Tweak boost levels, EQs, and effects for the perfect sound for you.
  • All audio covered: Systemwide volume amplification works with every source.
  • Quick access: Hotkeys and widgets make volume adjustment easy.
  • Comfort: Less straining to hear. Enjoy audio at lower volumes with boosting.
  • Situational: Adapt volume for different scenarios like movies or music.
  • Compatible:  Works alongside speakers, headphones, hearing aids, cochlear implants, and more.
  • Improved experience: Overall better, more immersive, and engaging listening experience.


Volume boosting software provides an easy and affordable way to amplify computer audio beyond default limits. The top options like Letasoft Sound Booster, VoiceMeeter, and Chrome extension can effectively boost volume with minimal distortion.

Look for apps if you want more customization options and extensions if you just want a quick volume boost. Give your Windows audio a boost by trying one of these top-rated sound-enhancing applications today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are there any volume boosters that actually work?

Ans: Yes, apps like Letasoft Sound Booster, FXSound, and Voicemeeter effectively boost volume beyond normal limits.

2. What is the Chrome extension for increasing volume?

Ans: The Volume Booster Chrome extension allows amplifying audio in your Chrome browser tabs.

3. How can I make my audio louder than 100%?

Ans: Use sound booster software like Boom 3D to amplify system volume beyond 100%.

4. How do I increase my iPhone volume for free?

Ans: Free iPhone apps such as AmpMe, Speaker Booster, and Precise Volume can boost volume.

5. Does volume booster extension work?

Ans: Yes, extensions like IO Sound Booster can help you increase the volume of Chrome tabs but apps offer more customization.

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