Joby Aviation To Open New Electric Air Taxi Factory In Dayton, Ohio


Joby Aviation, a leading electric aircraft manufacturer, has officially chosen Dayton, Ohio, as the location for its first scaled electric aircraft factory. With plans to invest up to $500 million in the new site, Joby Aviation aims to begin selling air taxi rides as early as 2025. The decision comes after months of speculation, with Ohio being on the company’s short-list of potential locations.

Key Takeaway

Joby Aviation has announced Dayton, Ohio, as the location for its first scaled electric aircraft factory, with plans to invest up to $500 million for production. The facility, set to begin operations in 2025, will manufacture eVTOL aircraft for air taxi rides. With the support of strategic partners such as Toyota and Delta Air Lines, Joby Aviation aims to revolutionize urban transportation by offering sustainable, electric-powered flights.

Investment and Incentives

The announcement also revealed that state and local economic programs have agreed to provide over $325 million in incentives and benefits to support the project. This significant investment not only secures Joby Aviation’s presence in Dayton but also promises to bring approximately 2,000 jobs to the area.

Strategic Partnerships and Expansion Plans

During a press conference, JoeBen Bevirt, Joby Aviation’s founder, highlighted the company’s ambitious production targets. “We plan to deliver up to 500 aircraft per year,” he stated, emphasizing the magnitude of the volume. While such numbers are rare in the aviation industry, Joby Aviation has the support of its strategic partner and investor Toyota, who is the company’s largest external shareholder.

In addition to the partnership with Toyota, Joby Aviation has also formed a collaboration with Delta Air Lines. Together, they plan to introduce air taxi services in New York and Los Angeles as a convenient and efficient means of transportation to and from airports.

Production and Expansion Timeline

The future factory, to be located at Dayton International Airport, will span 140 acres and will be responsible for mass-producing electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. This facility marks a significant expansion from Joby Aviation’s current pilot production line in Marina, California, where the company recently completed its first aircraft.

Construction of the new factory is expected to commence next year, with aircraft production anticipated to begin in 2025. Simultaneously, Joby Aviation is actively seeking approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to initiate commercial operations in the same year.

An Electric Future

Joby Aviation’s flagship aircraft will have the capacity to carry four passengers and a pilot, reaching speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. Designed to operate on electricity rather than jet fuel, these aircraft offer a sustainable alternative for short-distance travel in densely populated urban areas or to nearby airports.

Opportunities for Job Seekers

With plans underway for the new factory, Joby Aviation is already looking to hire. In fact, the company has created a dedicated website called JobyInOhio, where individuals interested in working at the future production facility can learn more about the available opportunities.

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