Instagram Threads Fails To Capitalize On OpenAI Scandal As X Dominates The Conversation


The recent scandal surrounding OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, unfolded on X rather than Instagram Threads, preventing the latter platform from capitalizing on the opportunity to challenge its competitor. As news broke about Altman’s removal and the subsequent upheaval within OpenAI, the tech community turned to X for updates, breaking news, and personal statements from key players like Altman, OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman, and even respected journalist Kara Swisher. While some news was cross-posted to Threads, it failed to garner significant traction in terms of views and engagement. Despite declining usage and advertisers leaving X, the platform continues to prove its staying power. However, Threads missed its opportunity to establish itself as a go-to platform for breaking news, conceding that ground to Twitter/X. Nevertheless, the OpenAI drama did not improve X’s metrics, as there was no noticeable increase in new app downloads or daily active users. This indicates that the interest in OpenAI’s saga was primarily limited to the tech community rather than the broader population.

Key Takeaway

The OpenAI scandal became a major news event within the tech industry, with X emerging as the primary platform for discussions, updates, and personal statements from key players. Instagram Threads, while positioning itself as a non-news platform, missed the opportunity to capitalize on this significant event and establish itself as a go-to platform for breaking tech news. Despite declining usage and challenges, X continues to demonstrate its resilience and appeal within the tech community.

OpenAI Drama Unfolds on X

The news of Sam Altman’s removal as CEO of OpenAI and the subsequent chaos surrounding the organization became the focal point of discussions on X. Platforms like X allowed journalists, tech executives, and key players in the OpenAI saga to share their thoughts and statements directly with their followers. Altman, in particular, used X to express his affection for the OpenAI team and provide updates on the situation. Employees also utilized the platform to show their support for Altman and indicate their loyalty to him. Notable figures such as Kara Swisher also relied on X to break news and share insights into the reasons behind Altman’s ouster and the subsequent fallout.

Threads Misses out on Breaking News

While Instagram Threads positioned itself as a non-news-focused platform, it missed the opportunity to become a hub for breaking news in the tech industry during the OpenAI scandal. This choice was intentional, as Instagram head Adam Mosseri emphasized the platform’s focus on non-news content and its desire to avoid risks associated with amplifying news. As a result, most of the conversation surrounding OpenAI and Altman’s departure took place on X and Twitter. Despite Threads’ potential, it failed to attract new users or significantly improve its metrics during this high-profile event.

Limited Impact on X’s Usage and Retention

While the OpenAI drama sparked immense interest within the tech community, it did not translate into significant growth or increased engagement on X. Market intelligence providers noted that X’s iOS ranking continued to decline, and there was only a slight uptick in daily active users during the weekend. These findings suggest that the OpenAI saga primarily resonated with the tech community rather than the general population, limiting its impact on X’s overall user base.

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