Instagram Co-Founders’ News Aggregation Startup Artifact To Shut Down


Artifact, the news aggregation startup created by the co-founders of Instagram, is set to close its operations. In a recent blog post, the team announced that the decision to wind down the app was due to the limited market opportunity for continued investment.

Key Takeaway

Artifact, the news aggregation startup founded by Instagram’s co-founders, is ceasing its operations due to limited market opportunities, emphasizing the challenges in defining its purpose and fitting into users’ workflows. Co-founder Kevin Systrom highlights the significance of acknowledging market realities and the ongoing importance of startup investment in the news and information space.

Transitioning Features and Operations

To facilitate the transition, Artifact will gradually shut down various features, such as the ability to comment and make posts. While existing posts will remain visible for the time being, the app’s core news capability will continue to operate through the end of February.

Market Challenges and Missed Opportunities

The startup had evolved its product from a news reading app to a curation and news discovery platform, incorporating AI tools for news summarization and headline rewriting. However, the changes may have diluted the original value of the app, leading to challenges in defining its purpose and fitting into users’ workflows.

Insights from Co-Founder Kevin Systrom

In a blog post, Kevin Systrom emphasized the importance of acknowledging market reality and making tough decisions early on. Despite the shutdown, Systrom expressed optimism about the future of news and information, highlighting the critical role of startup investment in this area.

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