Hexa Unveils Next Batch Of Startups: A Mix Of Enterprise SaaS And Blockchain Data


Hexa, the renowned Paris-based startup studio known for its successful ventures such as Front, Spendesk, and Aircall, has recently announced its latest lineup of promising startups. This batch showcases a diverse range of enterprise SaaS companies, accompanied by an innovative blockchain data startup.

Key Takeaway

Hexa, the Paris-based startup studio, has unveiled its next batch of startups, featuring a mix of enterprise SaaS companies and a blockchain data startup. With a strong track record of launching successful ventures, Hexa continues to foster innovation and redefine the future of work through its portfolio companies. Riverflow, Okko, Catalog, RingX, Kiosk, and Tengo introduce unique solutions to various industries, ranging from data orchestration to procurement and customer communication. This lineup demonstrates Hexa’s commitment to driving technological advancements and supporting entrepreneurial endeavors.

A Legacy of Success

Originally known as eFounders, Hexa was established in 2011 with a specific focus on SaaS startups that redefine the future of work. Over the past decade, Hexa has successfully launched over 40 startups, with some reaching impressive valuations totaling $5 billion. With a proven track record, the emergence of these new startups from Hexa is met with great anticipation.

Riverflow: Revolutionizing Blockchain Data

One standout startup in this batch is Riverflow, created by Hexa’s web3 startup studio, 3founders. This innovative data orchestration startup specializes in blockchain data. Riverflow enables users to extract information from smart contracts, blockchain transactions, and wallet addresses. With the ability to manipulate and transfer this data to various destinations such as data warehouses, analytics tools, or business intelligence platforms, Riverflow empowers data analysts to leverage blockchain data in unprecedented ways.

Okko: Streamlining Procurement

In a surprising move, Okko takes on the complex world of procurement processes. As many tech founders seek cost-cutting measures, Okko aims to overhaul procurement tools. By integrating with existing systems like Oracle NetSuite, Okko modernizes the vendor portal and interface to simplify and enhance the procurement experience. This enables companies to effectively manage spending and gain a comprehensive view of their procurement activities.

Catalog: Transforming B2B Wholesale Ordering

Catalog, as the name suggests, revolutionizes B2B wholesale ordering. This SaaS tool centralizes product information on a dedicated website, transforming traditional Excel-based catalog sharing. By integrating online orders directly into a company’s ERP system, Catalog optimizes recurring orders, introduces new product launches, and enables promotions, simplifying the B2B wholesale ordering process.

RingX: Unlocking Corporate Knowledge

RingX, still operating under a codename, focuses on connecting professionals seeking the right resources to learn new skills with experienced individuals who have encountered similar challenges. This peer-to-peer platform facilitates knowledge-sharing among professionals from different companies, fostering collaboration and promoting continuous learning.

Kiosk: Enhancing WhatsApp Business

Kiosk, a SaaS startup built on top of WhatsApp Business, empowers companies to leverage the messaging platform more efficiently. Offering features beyond the standard capabilities of WhatsApp, Kiosk enables companies to acquire new customers through chatbot-like funnels and provide customer support through integrated help desk, CRM, and e-commerce platform solutions. Ultimately, Kiosk aims to enhance customer communication and support through the popular messaging app.

Tengo: Streamlining French Public Tenders

Tengo, the final startup in this batch, focuses on centralizing all French public tenders. This tool is particularly valuable for companies heavily reliant on public tenders for revenue generation. By utilizing AI/LLM technology, Tengo identifies public tenders and assists businesses in responding to both public and private tenders, streamlining the bidding process and eliminating missed opportunities.

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