Google Maps Partners With India’s ONDC To Add Metro Ticket Booking


In a significant development, Google Maps has formed a strategic partnership with India’s Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) to introduce a new feature that allows users in India to book metro tickets directly through the mapping app. This announcement came during the Google for India event, highlighting Google’s commitment to deepen collaboration with ONDC and enhance the user experience for millions of Indians.

Key Takeaway

Google Maps has teamed up with India’s ONDC to introduce a new feature allowing users to book metro tickets directly through the app. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the user experience and provide a convenient solution for navigating public transportation in India. By integrating buyer apps within the open network, Google Maps will enable users across various metro cities to enjoy a seamless ticket booking experience.

Enhancing User Convenience

With this new feature, users will soon be able to seamlessly book metro tickets through the Google Maps app. The integration of buyer apps within the open network will facilitate the booking process for users across various metro cities in the country. This user-friendly experience is set to be rolled out in the coming months, offering a convenient and efficient way to navigate public transportation.

A Fruitful Partnership

This collaboration between Google Maps and ONDC marks another milestone in their partnership journey. Earlier this year, the two entities joined forces to launch an accelerator program for sellers entering the open network. The program aimed to enhance the ONDC infrastructure by open-sourcing core APIs and facilitating the implementation of the network’s technology. Additionally, eligible organizations on the network received a $25,000 grant, further supporting their integration into India’s digital commerce ecosystem.

Expanding Opportunities for Startups and Developers

Google’s commitment to fostering growth within India’s digital commerce space doesn’t end there. The tech giant also introduced an India-wide hackathon to encourage startups and developers to build innovative solutions for digital commerce. Furthermore, Google Cloud’s generative AI tools have become accessible to buyers and sellers on the open network, empowering them to leverage AI capabilities for their businesses.

Collaboration for a Common Goal

Sanjay Gupta, country head and vice president at Google India, emphasized the importance of collaboration in driving meaningful change. Google aims to collaborate deeply with all stakeholders including the government, financial institutions, startups, public health infrastructure, law enforcement, and more. This holistic approach ensures that the partnership with ONDC not only enables technological advancements but also addresses the real-world challenges faced by Indian users.

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