GM Recalls Electric BrightDrop Vans Due To Fire Risk


General Motors is recalling approximately 66 electric delivery vans manufactured by its BrightDrop subsidiary. This decision comes after two incidents of front drive unit fires were reported late last year.

Key Takeaway

General Motors is recalling 66 electric delivery vans due to a potential fire risk associated with a manufacturing defect in the drive unit casing. The recall is specific to the larger EV600 vehicles and does not affect the smaller EV400 vans.

Investigation and Cause

GM is currently investigating the root cause of the fires. The company suspects that a manufacturing defect may have led to the drive pinion piercing the drive unit casing, resulting in an oil leak that could ignite during heavy use. The automaker believes that this defect is limited to the larger EV600 vehicles produced between November 24, 2021, and May 24, 2022. Notably, the recall does not impact BrightDrop’s smaller EV400 vans.

Impact and Response

Several prominent companies, including FedEx and Walmart, have integrated the EV600 into their operations. GM has shipped a total of 497 BrightDrop vans in 2023. This recall follows GM’s recent re-absorption of BrightDrop, as the company aims to streamline its electric commercial vehicle endeavors. GM has emphasized its commitment to promptly addressing this matter for its customers, prioritizing product safety.

Recall History

This marks the third recall for BrightDrop vehicles. Previously, the EV600 was recalled in late 2022 due to a water seal issue in the high-voltage battery pack. Another recall took place in October when GM identified a problem with one of the van’s airbags.

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