EU To Let ‘Responsible’ AI Startups Train Models On Its Supercomputers


The European Union is making moves to bolster its position in the generative AI race by providing support measures for AI startups and scale ups. The aim is to enhance the competitiveness of the bloc in the strategic area of artificial intelligence technologies, particularly generative AI models. These models are trained on large data sets and have the capability to parse natural language and produce text, imagery, or audio on demand.

Key Takeaway

The European Union is introducing support measures for AI startups and scale ups to access high-performance computing infrastructure for training generative AI models, aiming to boost the bloc’s competitiveness in the field of artificial intelligence.

AI Innovation Package

The “AI innovation package” adopted by the Commission seeks to extend support for Europe’s AI ecosystem, focusing on areas such as high-performance computing infrastructure for training models and access to the necessary skills and talent for generative AI development.

AI Factories and Supercomputing Access

The Commission announced the launch of AI Factories, which will provide computing power, data, algorithms, and talent to AI startups, aiming to make Europe a thriving AI ecosystem. The package includes proposals to provide privileged access to supercomputers for AI startups and the broader innovation community.

Upgrading Supercomputing Infrastructure

The EU is considering setting up “AI Factories” around the bloc’s supercomputers and proposing amendments to existing legislation to increase flexibility around upgrades. The goal is to double the capacity of existing supercomputers by adding AI capabilities to support the training of large models.

Support for AI Startups

The package also includes financial support for AI startups through existing programs, with a focus on generative AI. Additionally, the EU aims to drive further public and private investments in AI startups and scale-ups, including through venture capital or equity support.

Common European Data Spaces and AI Applications

The support package aims to accelerate the development and deployment of Common European Data Spaces for the AI community. It also includes initiatives to support the development of AI applications in various industrial ecosystems and the public sector.

European Digital Infrastructure Consortiums

The EU is establishing European Digital Infrastructure Consortiums to focus on language technologies and city planning and management. These initiatives aim to address the shortage of European language data for training AIs and support the development of AI tools for city planning and management.

Responsible AI

The EU plans to let “responsible” AI startups access its supercomputers for model training, with a focus on developing trustworthy AI that respects EU values and rules. The Commission is working on a stand-in AI Pact to act as a stop-gap code until the AI Act is in force.

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