BeReal Introduces RealBrands And RealPeople Features To Connect With Celebrities And Brands


BeReal, a popular social media app with a focus on authenticity, is expanding its horizons by introducing new features that allow brands and celebrities to join the platform. This move is aimed at providing users with an opportunity to engage with their favorite brands and public figures in a more personal and unfiltered manner.

Key Takeaway

BeReal, a social media platform focused on authenticity, is introducing RealBrands and RealPeople features, allowing brands and celebrities to share unfiltered moments with their fans. This strategic move aims to enhance user engagement and potentially explore avenues for monetization while maintaining its commitment to genuine connections.

Embracing Authenticity

BeReal has gained significant traction with 23 million daily active users, showcasing a steady increase from its previous count of 20 million. The app’s unique approach prompts users to share unscripted moments from their daily lives, differentiating itself from the carefully curated content often found on other social media platforms.

Connecting RealBrands and RealPeople

Starting from February 6, brands and celebrities will have the option to join BeReal as “RealBrands” or “RealPeople.” This initiative aims to provide fans with exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses into the lives of their favorite personalities and the inner workings of their beloved brands.

Monetization and User Engagement

As BeReal continues to grow, the introduction of RealBrands and RealPeople signifies a strategic move to enhance user engagement and potentially explore avenues for monetization. While the platform remains committed to prioritizing genuine connections, the inclusion of brands and public figures opens up opportunities for future revenue generation.

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