BeReal Pushes Back At Report, Claims 25 Million Daily Users


In the face of a recent report suggesting a decline in user traction, BeReal, the popular social app known for its candid photo feature, has come forward asserting that it continues to grow at a healthy rate, reported a total of 25 million daily active users worldwide. The original report from research firm Similarweb indicated a decline in BeReal’s monthly active users, from a peak of 3.7 million in November 2022 to just over 3 million this August.

Key Takeaway

BeReal, the social app known for its candid photos, disputes recent reports suggesting a decline in user traction. The company asserts that it now has 25 million daily active users worldwide, a significant increase from previous estimates. Despite challenges from larger competitors and new social apps, BeReal aims to make its app more compelling through the rapid development of new features.

Disputes Over Metrics

Similarweb’s findings, however, have been contested by BeReal, who states that its own internal data provides a more accurate representation of user growth. While Similarweb estimates the global decline in monthly active users to 16.06 million, BeReal maintains that its app has actually surpassed 25 million active users. The company asserts that third-party reports are mere estimates and not as reliable as its own data.

BeReal’s Journey and Challenges

The journey for BeReal has not been without its obstacles. This social platform, founded in December 2019, gained initial popularity due to its unique front-and-back photo concept, similar to the older app Frontback. As the app grew in popularity, larger competitors, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Snap, incorporated similar features into their own platforms. Nevertheless, BeReal’s rapid growth in 2022 was a testament to organic adoption and word-of-mouth marketing.

Despite its financial success, BeReal faced the challenge of user retention. Users began to realize that photos capturing random moments throughout the day were not as engaging as carefully curated posts on other photo-sharing platforms. Additionally, the rise of new social apps demanding users’ attention posed a further challenge to BeReal’s growth.

Competition and Future Development

BeReal faces tough competition from giants like Instagram. Instagram’s new app, Threads, boasts nearly 7.3 million users in the U.S., more than double the number of BeReal users. However, BeReal has seen some success in outpacing rival app Bluesky, which is currently in private beta and requires an invite for access.

While BeReal claims a growth from 20 million to 25 million daily active users within a year, it recognizes the need to make its app more compelling to attract a larger user base. Rapid development and testing of new features will be essential for BeReal’s future success.

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