A New Alternative To Instagram: Daylyy, The Filter-less, Algorithm-free App


In a world where social media platforms are becoming increasingly toxic and saturated with unrealistic standards, scammers, and hate comments, a new photo-sharing app called Daylyy is offering a breath of fresh air. Unlike its counterparts, Daylyy focuses on authenticity by prohibiting filtered and augmented photos, vanity metrics, and algorithms.

Key Takeaway

Daylyy is a filter-less, algorithm-free photo-sharing app that prioritizes authenticity. It allows users to capture and share real-time photos while removing the pressure to present a perfect image. With hidden likes and private comments, Daylyy fosters a supportive community where users can be their true selves. The app’s monetization plan revolves around transparent ads that align with its user base, promoting trust and authenticity.

The Real-Time Social Media Experience

When you open Daylyy, you’re reminded that this app is all about capturing the reality of your daily life. Co-founder and CEO Austin Anderson emphasizes the app’s commitment to real-time photo sharing, ensuring that there are no filters or uploads from your camera roll. This approach eliminates the pressure to present a perfectly curated image and allows users to embrace their authentic selves.

Daylyy stands out from other filter-less photo-sharing platforms like BeReal, Minutiae, Locket, and LiveIn, which Anderson describes as having “gimmicky” features. While BeReal initially gained popularity for its authenticity, it eventually lost its momentum. Even TikTok attempted to emulate BeReal with TikTok Now, but the feature was ultimately discontinued. Daylyy aims to provide a sustainable and genuine alternative.

Emphasizing Privacy and Connection

Daylyy takes privacy seriously by not publicizing comments for others to see. Instead, users can engage in direct messaging with mutual followers, fostering more personal connections. This aligns with the growing trend of privacy-focused social media interactions, as young users are spending more time in direct messages and group chats.

Furthermore, post likes are hidden on Daylyy, relieving the pressure to perform and eliminating the fear of judgment. Anderson acknowledges that many users hesitate to post on platforms like Instagram due to a fear of being judged or feeling like their lives aren’t “post-worthy.” Daylyy provides a supportive community where users can post content that genuinely makes them happy, free from the burden of others’ opinions.

Rapid Growth and Future Plans

Since its launch in 2022, Daylyy has gained over 47,000 users from around the world, spanning across 100 countries. Co-founder Anderson is confident that the app will surpass 50,000 users by the end of the fourth quarter of this year.

To fuel further growth, Daylyy recently welcomed Brendan van der Vossen as the head of growth. Van der Vossen, a former VSCO executive, expressed excitement about working on an app that shines a positive light on social media, particularly for Gen Z users. He commended Anderson’s vision for authentic social media and the opportunity to collaborate with founders who possess a grand vision.

The Monetization Plan: Ads with Transparency

Although Daylyy is currently pre-revenue, the app has a unique approach to monetization through advertisements. Anderson revealed that once Daylyy reaches a significant user mark, advertisements will become the primary source of revenue. However, the platform’s vision for ads remains aligned with its user base – transparency and authenticity. Businesses that advertise on Daylyy must capture a real-time photo of their product, ensuring that they are on the same playing field as everyone else. This approach seeks to maintain users’ trust in the app.

While it remains to be seen whether major brands, especially those known for photoshopping models, will embrace this level of authenticity, certain brands like Aerie, Asos, and Lush could be ideal candidates. Aerie and Asos are committed to not retouching their models, while Lush quit social media in 2021 due to concerns about user safety on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

You can download Daylyy for free from the App Store and Google Play Store, experiencing a refreshing social media journey that focuses on the true essence of everyday life.

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