Censys Secures New Funding To Expand Threat-Detecting Cybersecurity Service


Censys, a cybersecurity company specializing in threat detection, has recently announced that it has raised a total of $75 million in funding. This amount includes a $50 million Series C funding round and an additional $25 million in debt financing. With this new infusion of capital, Censys plans to expand its operations and continue providing its customers with valuable insights about critical internet-connected infrastructure.

Key Takeaway

Censys, a cybersecurity company, has secured $75 million in funding to expand its threat-detecting services. The increased investments in cybersecurity companies demonstrate a renewed interest from the venture capital industry. With growing enterprise cybersecurity budgets, organizations are prioritizing IT security to mitigate the risks associated with digital transformation. Censys offers a comprehensive internet scanning engine that allows customers to monitor and analyze the security status of their internet-facing assets. The company plans to utilize the funding to expand its workforce and meet the increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Cybersecurity Solutions

The increased investments in cybersecurity companies signify a turning point in the industry. Despite a challenging summer, venture capital funding for security startups saw a modest uptick in the third quarter of this year. This surge in funding can be attributed to the growing enterprise cybersecurity budgets, which saw a 6% increase between 2022 and 2023. Many organizations are allocating more resources towards IT security due to the heightened risks associated with digital transformation.

Censys: Providing Comprehensive Internet Scanning Services

Censys, originally rooted in an internet scanning program called ZMap, has evolved into a comprehensive internet scanning engine. The company offers a range of tools that enable customers to monitor and analyze the security status of their internet-facing assets. Through its platform, customers gain access to a database of vulnerable infrastructure enriched with contextual information. They can also utilize Censys’ benchmarks to track performance over time and generate industry-standard metrics.

One of Censys’ recent innovations includes the launch of a chatbot powered by generative AI. This chatbot allows users to perform searches across Censys’ security database using natural language. For example, users can ask specific questions like, “Show me all servers in Australia that have both FTP and HTTP services.” This feature streamlines the search process and provides users with relevant data.

Expanding Workforce and Meeting Demand

Censys, which already boasts over 350,000 users on its free service and counts government agencies like the FBI and Department of Homeland Security among its 180 paying customers, plans to utilize the recent funding to expand its workforce. Currently, the company has a team of 134 employees and aims to increase this number to 150 by the end of 2023. Despite economic uncertainty, cybersecurity remains in high demand, and the ongoing pandemic has further fueled the need for robust cybersecurity solutions as enterprises shift towards cloud-based solutions and remote work setups.

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