BeReal Introduces Private Groups And Live Photo-like Features; Pew Estimates 13% Of US Teens Use App


The up-and-coming social app BeReal is set to launch two significant new features, Behind the Scenes and RealGroups. These additions aim to enhance user experience and engagement on the platform.

Key Takeaway

BeReal introduces Behind the Scenes and RealGroups features, offering users enhanced visual storytelling and private sharing capabilities. The app continues to navigate through growth challenges while emphasizing its commitment to fostering meaningful connections among users.

Behind the Scenes: A Live Photo-Like Feature

The Behind the Scenes (BTS) feature on BeReal is reminiscent of iOS Live Photo and allows users to capture a few seconds of video before taking a photo. This opt-in feature is designed to provide a more dynamic and interactive visual experience for users. When a BeReal post with BTS enabled is shared, a Live Photo symbol will appear in the upper corner of the image. Users can long-press on the symbol to view the pre-captured video snippets, adding a new dimension to the content shared on the platform.

RealGroups: Enhanced Privacy and Interaction

RealGroups is another notable addition to BeReal, offering users the ability to share their BeReal content with a select group of friends in a more private setting. This feature also includes the option for direct messaging within the group, creating a more intimate and interactive space for users to connect and share moments with their close friends.

Furthermore, BeReal is limiting users to a maximum of two groups, emphasizing the value of meaningful connections within a smaller circle of friends.

BeReal’s User Base and Growth

While BeReal has faced scrutiny regarding its user base and growth, Pew’s annual survey on teens and social media estimates that approximately 13% of US teens aged 13 to 17 have utilized the app. However, conflicting reports from various analytics firms have presented varying figures, with BeReal asserting its position in the market.

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