15 Shows Like The Boys: For Superhero Series Lovers

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A lot of people are excited for the third season of The Boys. Superhero shows like it have gained popularity as a result, with people not being able to wait. This is because we won’t be seeing the third season until June. So if you can’t wait, we’re going to show you some shows like The Boys to keep you occupied.


What Is The Boys?

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The Boys was originally a comic book series created by Garth Ennis and published by DC Comics. It began in 2006 and came to an end in 2012 with roughly 72 issues. Fans took a liking to it, and so a show was created based on it in 2019.

The TV show, created by Eric Kripke, is loosely based on the comic book. In the show, the world is full of despicable “heroes” who misuse their powers. At the core of this corrupt world is Seven and Vought, a large corporation managing these heroes. Instead of reprimanding the heroes for misdeeds, they cover them up.

That’s where “the boys” come in. They’re a ragtag team of vigilantes that band together to face a common foe. The plot revolves around them and their quest to take down Seven and Vought, as well as its head hero, Homelander.

The Boys features a decorated cast including Anthony Starr as Homelander as well as Karl Urban as Billy, the boys’ leader. The show follows the comics a bit but it does divulge from the source material. Comparing The Boys comic VS show and which is better, it’s hard to say. Both are good, though.

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What Kind of Show Is It?


The Boys is primarily known for its comedy and action. It can be satirical in one moment and then serious in another, showing the versatility of the cast. If you haven’t tried watching it yet and are looking for a fun show to watch, you should consider picking it up.

It’s a pretty laid-back show, and while there are serious moments, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Heck, there’s even a baby that can shoot lasers out of its eyes. The show may not be for squeamish people though, since there’s quite a bit of gore.

Putting the gore aside, The Boys is a pretty great casual watch. It has enough story to keep you interested while at the same time sliding in some satirical remarks. The Boys is funny, charming, and entertaining. This has led to a dedicated fanbase eager for the next season. Many even want a The Boys movie.

If you’re a fan of The Boys and can’t wait any longer, don’t worry. We’ve got shows like The Boys in this article for you to scratch that superhero itch.


Where Can You Watch It?

You might be asking yourself: where can I watch The Boys? Well, The Boys remains an Amazon Prime exclusive to this day. So if you want to know where to watch The Boys, this means that it isn’t on Netflix or any other major streaming service.

It’s an Amazon Prime superhero show. If you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch it for free.

Check it out on Amazon Prime Video Today!


15 Shows Like The Boys

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If you’re impatient for the third season of The Boys, there are other things you can watch. These shows we’ve listed down have some things in common with The Boys. Some of them have the same fun vibe, and others are more serious but are superhero stories.


1. Banshee


This show is a TV drama that stars Anthony Starr as well. Honestly, the only similarity that Banshee has to The Boys is that Starr has a role. That’s because Banshee is more of a crime thriller drama.

The show follows a mysterious ex-convict who relocates himself to a small town called Banshee. There, he takes the identity of the sheriff, named Lucas Hood. As Lucas, he begins a new life of crime while trying to escape people who have grudges on him.

Banshee’s first season aired in 2013, with its fourth season airing in 2016. It’s available for HBO Max Subscribers, but you can also buy or rent it on Google Play, Vudu, and iTunes. You can also purchase it on Amazon.


2.  Doom Patrol


Unlike The Boys, Doom Patrol follows a group of heroes who have undergone a lot of trauma. It’s a dark drama by DC about people who are healing from this trauma while at the same time helping others.

It’s difficult to describe Doom Patrol; the group is half a support group and half a superhero union. Members of the group are mostly unlikely heroes who have undergone deep-rooted trauma as a result of their powers.

Doom Patrol is funny, quirky, and at times, tragic. Like The Boys, it began in 2019 and is slated for a fourth season.

Similar to Banshee, HBO Max subscribers can enjoy it for free. It can also be bought on Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, and iTunes.


3. Heroes


While it’s already been canceled, Heroes is a show that aired in 2006, when cable was at its peak. Heroes is a show that revolves around normal people with everyday lives who suddenly gain abilities. These abilities are noted to be the next stage of human evolution.

Evolved humans only have one ability, limiting their powers. At the center of it all is Peter Petrelli, a nurse who realizes he can gain others’ abilities. What Heroes does well is portray how superheroes react when they get their powers for the very first time.

The larger plot of Heroes revolves around an organization trying to take control of these evolved humans. Characters in the story are forced to train themselves to control their powers to put a stop to this organization. Although the story of Heroes has long been halted, its interesting premise is still worth a watch.

You can stream Heroes for free on IMDb and NBC.


4. Invincible


You might have heard of Invincible from a friend because it’s a show that caught the entire world’s attention upon airing. It’s short, but it delivers a better story than most lengthy shows out there. The show revolves around Mark Grayson, the son of Omni-man, the best superhero in the world.

Invincible focuses on Mark and his struggle to transform into a man that can surpass his father. The series has a huge turning point in the middle, where it surprised fans all over the world. This isn’t your average superhero story, and it certainly isn’t lighthearted. It’s a show for adults, so it’s not something to show to your kids. And while it does borrow superhero elements, its plot is unique enough that there are no other shows like Invincible.

Since its release, Invincible has received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. It’s even been renewed for both a second and third season. If Invincible catches your attention, you can watch it on Amazon Prime.


5. Jessica Jones


Jessica Jones follows a character of the same name who had a lucrative superhero career in the past. But due to an unfortunate incident where she had to kill someone, she stopped. Now, she works as a private investigator. Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it shares some similarities with movies set in the same universe.

The show ran was canceled in 2019 after three seasons. Though it was canceled, it still is worth a watch because of its interesting storyline. It also covers grim topics like PTSD, making it unlike other shows of the superhero genre.

Jessica Jones is available for streaming on Netflix right now.


6. Legion


Legion is based on a Marvel comics character of the same name. It follows Dan Stevens, a supposed mutant with multiple mental disorders. Throughout the story, Dan attempts to control his powers while trying to go unnoticed by the government.

Similar to Jessica Jones, where Legion excels is its dark topics. It’s a psychological thriller that gives you a peek into the mind of a mutant and all of the trouble that they go through. Legion is already a finished product, running for three seasons, with the final one airing in 2019.

Should you be interested, Legion is available for streaming on both Netflix and Hulu. You can also stream it on Amazon Prime and other major streaming sites.


7. Misfits


When it comes to shows like The Boys, Misfits is one of the most similar ones. It’s a British take on the superhero genre and follows delinquents serving time in a community center. After a huge storm, these deviants find that they suddenly have powers.

Misfits takes these delinquents and turns them into a dysfunctional team of superhumans. Their dynamic is quite entertaining and their relationships also develop over time. Airing in 2009-2013, Misfits has five seasons in total.

Misfits is critically acclaimed and has received accolades for its sharp writing and brilliant comedy. It shows British humor and applies it to the superhero genre, giving us hours’ worth of fun to watch. You can stream it on Hulu Plus and purchase it on Google Play or Amazon Instant Video.


8. No Heroics

No Heroics
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Another one of the best shows like The Boys is No Heroics. Similar to Misfits, No Heroics is made by British people. While its run is significantly shorter than both The Boys and Misfits, it’s short and sweet.

No Heroics is six episodes’ worth of superhero comedy, subverting what it means to be a hero. The superheroes in this show are quite mean and unapproachable, which oftentimes leads to hilarious situations. It’s quite an old and underrated show.

The only problem with No Heroics is that it isn’t available on any major streaming platform. It’s pretty old, so you’d be hard-pressed to find a streaming platform where it’s available. You could try YouTube, but there are only clips of it available.


9. Preacher


The Preacher is one of those shows like The Boys that has somewhat of a fun vibe to it. The Preacher’s main character is Jesse Custer, who is a trouble-making preacher of God who gets abilities. The show leaves a deep impression on you, specifically because you don’t know what’s happening half the time.

The Preacher is a very crazy show, and the main character is the main source of the craziness. He’s trying to find God. While we say it’s a crazy show where you don’t know what’s happening, that’s not a bad thing. We’d say it’s one of the good points.

When it comes to craziness, The Preacher doesn’t lose out to The Boys. It’s all over the place, sometimes it’s dark, and other times it’s funny. This show is another superhero show on Amazon Prime. Though, you can also watch it through Hulu Plus.


10. The Gifted

The Gifted answers the question of “what if the X-Men just one day suddenly went and disappeared?” And the answer is that another group of superheroes would take their place. While The Gifted is not one of those shows like The Boys in terms of the vibe, the premise is still great.

Sadly, The Gifted got canceled after two seasons. Don’t let that stop you from watching it though, because its premise and storytelling are unique. The show also touches on some topics that other superhero shows don’t.


11. The Punisher


In terms of action and gore, The Punisher is one of the shows like The Boys. It’s The Boys but a bit darker. The story follows Frank Castle, who is investigating the truth behind the death of his family. Under the alias of the Punisher, he kills everyone involved in his family’s death.

However, what Frank doesn’t know is that there’s something more to it. He realizes there’s more than meets the eye to his family’s death, and he finds himself in the heart of a conspiracy. It’s quite the story, with many plot twists and lots of action to keep you entertained. The Punisher ran for two seasons from 2017 to 2019.


12. The Tick


You read that right, there’s a superhero named The Tick. What’s funny about this superhero is, well, he’s pretty much unstoppable. He goes around fighting crime in a blue suit with his sidekick Arthur.

The Tick is a fun ride from start to finish. It’s not at all serious, and since you’re looking for shows like The Boys, you might consider giving this one a shot. It aired from 2016 to 2019 and has two seasons. Although it’s been canceled, The Tick remains in the hearts of many.


13. The Umbrella Academy


One of the most popular shows like The Boys is The Umbrella Academy. It’s a darker take on the superhero genre that follows a family of adopted superheroes. These heroes are trying to investigate the mystery surrounding their father’s death.

While investigating, they come about a prophecy that says an apocalypse will happen. From there, dysfunctional family members kind of set aside their differences to find out how to prevent it. Since its release, The Umbrella Academy has become one of the most successful superhero shows on major streaming sites.

Right now, it’s one of the most popular superhero shows as well. Many are hyped up for the new season coming out this year too. If you want to watch The Umbrella Academy, it is available exclusively on Netflix. You might find that the vibe isn’t the same as The Boys, but you’ll find some similarities with its themes.


14. Timeless


Unlike other TV shows like The Boys, Timeless isn’t a superhero show. Instead, it’s a time travel show that follows a stolen time machine and the quest to find it. Although, it was made by Eric Kripke, the same person behind The Boys.

Timeless follows a soldier, a scientist, and an engineer trying to find out who stole the time machine. Along the way, they realize that the thief’s ambitions are to change the course of history and completely alter it. They realize that they have to stop the thief, but unbeknownst to them, they’re dancing in the palm of their hand.

While timeless is a departure from the lighthearted storytelling of The Boys, Kripke does his best to sneak in some snarky remarks here and there. That, and there are some overlapping themes with The Boys as well.


15. Titans


Titans answers the question of what if Teen Titans had its TV show. The answer is a bit of a darker approach to the Teen Titans. Although it follows the Teen Titans and the evils they face, it’s a lot more serious than the Teen Titans people usually know.

The best thing about Titans is that fan-favorite characters like Dick Grayson, Beast Boy, and other characters come back. Titans also has a lot of ties to the bat family. If you’re interested, you can watch Titans on HBO Max.


Should You Binge-Watch Shows Like The Boys?

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Many of these shows like The Boys we’ve listed may not have the same vibe as The Boys. Some have more serious tones, and others have completely different premises. Nevertheless, they still have things that make them similar, like the cast and storytelling styles. Not to mention each of these shows is unique in its own right.

We highly recommend Misfits and Doom Patrol since they have the same vibes if you want to watch shows like The Boys. But, if you’re willing to branch out into other genres and immerse yourself in a different type of story, consider picking the others up as well.

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