Newswire: Amazon Launches E-Commerce Merch Shop On Prime Video


Amazon continues to expand its offerings and ventures into new territories with the launch of an e-commerce merch shop on its video streaming service, Prime Video. The company’s first foray into this space involves its new series, “Gen V,” a young adult superhero spin-off of the popular show, “The Boys.” This new shopping experience allows viewers to explore the fictional Godolkin University through an immersive Virtual Campus Tour and Virtual Campus Store, where they can purchase merchandise and dorm room products related to the show.

Key Takeaway

Amazon introduces an e-commerce merch shop on Prime Video, starting with the “Gen V” series, offering viewers an immersive shopping experience within the show’s fictional university.

Exploring Godolkin University

Within the Prime Video platform, users can visit the detail page of “Gen V,” which serves as the gateway to the virtual campus experience. The Virtual Campus Tour takes viewers on a 360-degree journey, showcasing various locations, including the student union and the campus store. Here, viewers can browse and purchase a range of Godolkin University merchandise and dorm room essentials.

Immersive Virtual Experience

Amazon’s immersive virtual experience offers more than just a shopping opportunity. Users can interact with a campus map, learn about superhero statues on the quad, and watch an “orientation” video at the student union. Additionally, locations like Vought-a-Burger, dorm rooms, and Dean Shetty’s office will be added to the experience soon.

To make a purchase, viewers can simply click on the desired item within the virtual campus store, which will open a window for them to complete the transaction on The experience is currently limited to web browsers, but Amazon may expand its availability in the future.

Following in the Footsteps of Competitors

Amazon is not the first streaming platform to venture into the world of merchandise tie-ins. Netflix, for example, has established its own merchandise arm and operates an online storefront called Hulu has also experimented with a shop in the past, while Disney+ launched an exclusive shop for subscribers. Amazon’s move into merchandising its Prime Video content is a strategic expansion that allows fans to further engage with their favorite shows and films.

While “Gen V” is currently the focus of Amazon’s merch shop, the company hints that it will expand the offering to include merchandise from other popular Prime Video series and films. This move aims to create culturally rich environments for customers to discover, experience, and consume more of their favorite stories within the platform.

The New Shop Experience

The newly launched merch shop is now available in the United States and features approximately 150 items for purchase. The merchandise, including “Gen V” products and officially licensed items from “The Boys,” is delivered via Amazon Prime, ensuring fast and convenient shipping to customers. Amazon collaborated with Sony Pictures Consumer Products and licensee Ripple Junction to develop the merchandise program ahead of the Season 1 debut of “Gen V.”

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