Complete Guide to Apple TV Plus: What It Is and What It Offers

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The use of video streaming services has surged as many people continue to stay at home. It certainly gives people the entertainment fix they need as they spend more and more time indoors. Forget about debating Hulu vs Netflix vs Disney Plus, there is a brand new contender from Apple in the game. People know it as the Apple TV Plus.


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  1. What Is Apple TV Plus?
    1. Subscription
    2. Supported Devices
  2. Apple TV Plus Series You’d Like
    1. The Morning Show
    2. Little America
    3. See
    4. Defending Jacob
    5. Ted Lasso
    6. Servant
    7. Home Before Dark
    8. Ghostwriter
    9. Losing Alice
    10. Tehran
    11. Long Way Up
    12. Trying
    13. Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet
    14. Stillwater
    15. Truth Be Told
  3. Apple TV Plus Movies You’d Like
    1. The Banker
    2. Hala
    3. Cherry
    4. Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth
    5. Wolfwalkers
    6. Palmer
    7. Greyhound
    8. On the Rocks
    9. Boys State
    10. Dads
    11. The Elephant Queen
    12. Beastie Boys Story
  4. Apple TV Plus Alternatives
    1. Netflix
    2. Amazon Prime Video
    3. Hulu
    4. Disney+
    5. HBO Max
  5. Is Apple TV Plus Worth It?


What Is Apple TV Plus?

Apple TV Plus website
Screen capture from Apple TV Plus website

Apple TV Plus is a streaming service that features movie and TV content right from Apple. It doesn’t have an extensive library like other streaming services, focusing only on Apple Originals. When releasing episodes for TV series, Apple follows the approach of both Netflix and Hulu, releasing shows season by season.

You can watch Apple TV Plus shows through the Apple TV app, which you can get for any of your suitable Apple devices. You can stream all the shows in 4K and with no ads, giving you the best online streaming experience. If you want to do an offline viewing, it is also possible as you can download Apple TV Plus shows in the app. You should note, however, that you can only download shows on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Once you’ve downloaded a show, it will only be available offline for 30 days. It is also worth noting that every show or episode can take a sizeable chunk of space, as you cannot change the quality of the downloaded videos.

Apple TV Plus has a wide reach, as it is available in over 100 countries in the world. While you can only access it in the Apple TV app, Apple TV Plus is not available in every country that supports the app. Apple, however, promised that its shows will be subbed or dubbed in various languages and will include closed captions.



Apple TV Plus subscription tier
Screen capture from Apple website

The Apple TV Plus offers a subscription that costs $4.99 per month, but there are ways you can access it for free. Apple gives users a free trial, but it can only last up to seven days. You can also bundle it with up to five other services through Apple’s all-in-one subscription, Apple One. It starts at $14.95 per month, but you can avail yourself of its free one-month trial. The Apple TV Plus subscription also comes for free when you avail an Apple Music Student Plan. 

When you buy an Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac, you will also get a free subscription for a year. Note that it will renew automatically as soon as the free subscription ends. You can cancel it before it ends; however, the service will shut off right away, forfeiting the remaining free time to use it. With that said, you must cancel it before the day of the deal’s expiration to maximize the free subscription.

You can share your Apple TV Plus subscription with up to five other users and let them customize their content preference. This streaming service also allows up to six users to watch simultaneously, compared to the others that only allow up to four. If you avail of the Apple Music Student Plan, you cannot share your free Apple TV Plus access with others.


Supported Devices

Integration with External Devices
Photo by pixabay via pexels

While everybody knows Apple for its exclusivity, the Apple TV Plus is available on many devices, including those that don’t have their logo. Aside from Apple devices, you can also stream Apple TV Plus shows using smart TVs, gaming consoles, and Windows PCs. You can also access the streaming service using an Android phone through the mobile browser.

If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, it must have the latest iOS or iPadOS version. With Macs, the app requires macOS Catalina 10.15, macOS Big Sur 11.0, or later. For smart TVs, some models already have the Apple TV app installed while other models don’t.

Once you have the app, you would only need your Apple ID to sign in so you can stream the shows available. If you want to use other devices, you can still access Apple TV Plus through Chrome and Firefox web browsers.


Apple TV Plus Series You’d Like

With its small library, there are only a few shows you can choose from, but these are shows you won’t regret watching. In fact, some were nominated for various awards and won, making Apple TV Plus an excellent streaming service. To give you a glimpse of what awaits you, here are some Apple Originals series you can stream.


The Morning Show

Apple TV Plus show: The Morning Show
Photo from Apple website

This critically acclaimed show had a total of eight Primetime Emmy Award nominations, five of which are for the cast members. Out of these nominations, Billy Crudup won the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for playing Cory Ellison. Jennifer Anniston who played Alex Levy also took home a SAG Award. The show has also been nominated for the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards. These awards and nominations have made their reported cost of $15 million per episode worth it.

The Morning Show is a series inspired by Brian Stelter’s book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV. It follows a reorganization in a morning news program after the show fires Alex Levy’s co-anchor for sexual misconduct. The station hires a journalist, Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), to be Alex’s new co-host, which the latter struggles to accommodate. Alex tries to use what was happening to achieve something and make Bradley on her side. Meanwhile, Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), refuses to go down alone for his sexual abuse scandal and tries to take those who knew about it with him. There’s a lot more in this show, especially about gender and culture in the workplace.

As Apple confirmed a week after The Morning Show premiered, the show will return for another season. The release date is still unknown, but they have begun filming for season two.

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Little America

Apple TV Plus show: Little America
Photo from Apple website

Inspired by true stories collected by Epic Magazine, this show features eight stories of immigrants living in America. It is an anthology series that presents different stories in each episode and has different sets of characters. This show would give you various emotions as it unfolds inspiring, romantic, funny, and heartfelt tales of the immigrants.

Little America presents a story of a 12-year-old kid who had to manage a motel because his parents are getting deported. There is also a girl who goes to America to study, but she faced a lot of challenges and found a way to use her gift in baking. And there is also a gay Syrian who faced violence from his family because of his sexuality, so he decided to escape and live openly. These are some of the stories that would play with your emotions, but there are more tales in Little America that you shouldn’t miss. Apple confirmed that there will be a second season ahead of the show’s debut, so expect more of it.

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Apple TV Plus show: See
Photo from Apple website

Starring Jason Momoa, this apocalyptic fantasy takes place in the distant future where a virus wiped out humankind. Those who survived do not have the ability to see, which some say was God’s doing to heal the Earth. After many years, however, the ability to see returns through the twins of Maghra (Hera Hilmar). She’s a newcomer whom the chieftain of the Alkenny tribe, Baba Voss (Jason Momoa) married.

When the news reached the ruler of one of Earth’s last civilizations, Queen Kane (Sylvia Hoeks), she ordered the twins to be brought to her. She knew who the twin’s father was and that he could see, which made her want to destroy Maghra’s children. Baba Voss then rallies fellow tribes to take the powerful yet desperate ruler down for the sake of the children.

It is one of the weirdest shows that Apple made, and it will make you question a lot of things that happened in the story. While this may be true, it is still a great Apple TV Plus show, as the characters are well portrayed. Aside from that, See features cast and crew who are blind or have low vision to make the show as inclusive as possible. There is a season two coming, but there is no release date yet.

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Defending Jacob

Apple TV Plus show: Defending Jacob
Photo from Apple website

An adaptation of William Landay’s crime novel of the same title, Defending Jacob, is something you wouldn’t regret streaming. This series stars Chris Evans who played Andrew Barber, an assistant district attorney whose son is accused of a classmate’s murder. Barber was the D.A. initially assigned to the case, but he steps away after students post online evidence that points to his son Jacob. He does everything in his power to protect his son while everyone makes his and his family’s life a living hell. As the story unfolds, they get torn apart by the doubt that someone in their family may be a killer.

The show, as it progresses, touches heavy topics such as violence, the internet’s effect on teens, and even the twisted justice system. Is Jacob the one who killed the other teen boy and is he capable of that? That’s what you need to find out when you see the eight episodes of Defending Jacob. This show has been nominated for two Emmy Awards for outstanding cinematography and original main title theme music.

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Ted Lasso

Apple TV Plus show: Ted Lasso
Photo from Apple website

This show is a comedy series starring Jason Sudeikis, who plays Ted Lasso, a character he co-created. Fun fact: Ted Lasso is a character Sudeikis used to play in a series of hilarious commercials on NBC Sports’ coverage for Premier League. The series became a hit and got a second season renewal, five days after it premiered, then later for season three.

The story follows Ted Lasso, an American NFL coach who has been recruited to coach a Premier League soccer team in England. The catch? He has no relevant experience in coaching soccer. Managing the British soccer team was an offer from Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), the new owner of AFC Richmond after her divorce. Knowing that the franchise was the only thing that her ex-husband loved, she plans to tank it- something Ted didn’t know. Ted accepts it and tries to lead the team alongside his taciturn assistant and friend, Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt).

Despite having a predictable story, this comedy series still manages to surprise viewers as it has a different way to solve its conflicts. Ted Lasso’s character is impossible not to like because, despite his lack of knowledge in soccer, he brings out the best in the team.

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Apple TV Plus show: Servant
Photo from Apple website

This Apple TV Plus series from Oscar-nominated director M. Night Shyamalan is perfect for those who want some suspense. Servant is a psychological thriller starring Toby Kebbell, Lauren Ambrose, Nell Tiger Free, and Rupert Grint. The story follows Dorothy and Sean Turner who face a challenge in their marriage after a tragic event that took their 13-week-old son. This mourning couple hires Leanne, a young nanny who would take care of a doll, which Dorothy believes is her child. While Sean deals with his wife’s way of coping, he finds Leanne suspicious and tries to dig into her past.

There are more surprising things you’re going to find out in this show, given that it involves Shyamalan. If by the end of season one you have some unanswered questions, worry not because the second season has already premiered. Apple TV Plus also renewed Servant for the third season so expect more suspense, excitement, and even anxiety.

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Home Before Dark

Apple TV Plus show: Home Before Dark
Photo from Apple website

This show is inspired by Hilde Lysiak, a young girl who created her newsletter and got the scoop on a murder case. Home Before Dark follows Hilde (Brooklynn Prince) who moves to her father’s hometown after he loses his job as an investigative reporter. When they get there, someone died after an “unfortunate accident” which Hilde doesn’t buy as she sees evidence that says otherwise. She then writes and publishes a newsletter that says there’s a possibility that the victim’s death is not an accident but murder. 

Hilde investigates and asks for public files from the police station about the case, but the male cops only dismissed her. A female officer then helps her and they find something that connects to a cold case that everyone, including her father, tried to bury.

If you are someone who loves mysteries, this Apple TV Plus show is something you need to watch. This 10-part series is worth streaming, so you won’t regret anything. Like some Apple Originals, Home Before Dark got its renewal for a second season before it has aired.

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Apple TV Plus show: Ghostwriter
Photo from Apple website

The Ghostwriter is a reimagined version of the Sesame Workshop’s Kids series of the same name. This Apple TV Plus series is about four kids who team up and solve mysteries surrounding a ghost who haunts their local bookstore. This ghost releases fictional characters to the actual world and sends secret messages that only the four kids can see. As they work together and solve whatever the ghost’s unfinished business is, they find friendship.

This Kids and Family show won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s or Family Viewings Programming. This award helped Apple TV Plus make history, as it is not common for a streaming service to win a Daytime Emmy in its first year. Each episode from this show focuses on literature, featuring not only classic stories but also recent works. There is already a second season which is about saving the bookstore and discovering Ghostwriter’s true identity. As the four kids continue with their quest, an introduction of some fresh tales and literary characters surfaces.

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Losing Alice

Apple TV Plus show: Losing Alice
Photo from Apple website

Another psychological thriller from Apple TV Plus is Losing Alice, which offers a great narrative. This Israeli series follows Alice (Ayelet Zurer), an aging film director who struggles in life since becoming a wife and mother. That is, until she gets connected to Sophie (Lihi Kornowski), a young screenwriter that she later gets obsessed with. She sees Sophie as the freedom she has lost since raising a family.

As Alice brings Sophie into her life, she does things that are far beyond her moral integrity. Sophie has a dark and destructive world that Alice cannot notice and instead spends more time with her. It becomes unclear whether who is using who as the revelations about the story’s mystery unfolds. This series explores certain issues relating to jealousy, guilt, fear of aging, and more. There are a lot of twists that you weren’t expecting so stream the eight episodes of Losing Alice to find out.

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Apple TV Plus show: Tehran
Photo from Apple website

From Fauda writer Moshe Zonder, this eight-part series is about a Mossad computer hacker agent who does her first mission in Tehran. This agent named Tamar Rabinyan (Niv Sultan) goes undercover to fulfill her mission to disable Iran’s nuclear reactor. Of course, it doesn’t go as easily as planned. A lead investigator for the Revolutionary Guard Corps, Faraz Kamali (Shaun Toub), pursues Tamar without her knowing.

As Mossad officers in Israel think of a plan for her escape in Iran, she will have to survive in the dangerous city. There she meets an array of Iranians from judges and cops to drug dealers. She also gets romantically involved with a dissident hacker, Milad played by Shervin Alenabi.

The series did the filming in Athens as Iran would never allow an Israeli series to film there. Their production team dressed up the location to make it look like Iran’s capital, Tehran.

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Long Way Up

Apple TV Plus show: Long Way Up
Photo from Apple website

This Apple TV Plus series is a sequel to Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s journey from Scotland to South Africa. Long Way Up follows the same stars as they reunite after a decade and ride from the tip of South America to North America. Their journey covers 13,000 miles, which took them over 100 days from September to December 2019. They passed through 13 countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and up through Colombia and Mexico.

Did we mention they rode prototype electric Harley-Davidsons built especially for their journey? This innovative technology contributes to the planet’s sustainability, too, so what’s not to love about this motorcycle trip? The stars in this series journey through South and Central America and find underexposed landscapes. Their adventure also lets them learn about the culture and traditions of the people they come across. Each episode of this 10-part series covers various countries, so you’ll also get to explore them as the journey goes.

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Apple TV Plus show: Trying
Photo from Apple website

Trying is an eight-part British comedy series about a couple who wants to have a baby but faces an unfortunate situation. Despite trying so hard to make a child, their chance of having one is hopelessly small. The unsuccessful attempt to have their child leads Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) to consider adopting a child. Like most parents who also wish to adopt, they face a series of challenges as they deal with the adoption process.

This show is about growing up, settling down, and love while also tackling issues like infertility, adoption, and mental health. Will the difficult situations make them give up their chance for adoption, or will it teach them to lean on each other instead? That’s what you will find out once you’ve watched the eight episodes of this Apple TV Plus comedy series. Should you want more from this show, a second season will come as the star Esther Smith confirmed that Apple already commissioned it.

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Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

Apple TV Plus show: Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet
Photo from Apple website

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is a comedy series about a fictional video game studio that develops the role-playing game, Mythic Quest. The story follows Ian Grimm (Rob McElhenney) and his fellow developers as they launch Raven’s Banquet, their first game expansion. In a workplace that has the sole purpose of creating game heroes and legends, the battles happen not only in the game but also in the office.

You don’t need to know things about video games to like this comedy show as it is good on its own merits. It satisfies viewers with the comedy instilled through the characters and not in how extremely silly video games are in nature. If you’re a big gamer, on the other hand, this is something that you’d probably like as it might make you appreciate games even more.

Mythic Quest also has a special quarantine episode where the game developers have a hard time managing their game at a distance. While they are on it, they also face some personal crises, which will reflect an authentic story about people’s current experiences. The show will return for a new season so you may have to say goodbye to Raven’s Banquet and hello to something else.

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Apple TV Plus show: Stillwater
Photo from Apple website

Now for an animated show, Stillwater is a six-part series based on the children’s book series Zen Shorts. The series follows a wise panda named Stillwater (James Sie), who is neighbors with three siblings that often come to him for advice. Karl (Judah Mackay), Addy (Eva Ariel Binder), and Michael (Tucker Chandler) learn a lot about life and mindfulness. It is through the stories that Stillwater shares in the form of parables that the show presents in hand-drawn animation to differ from the cast.

Stillwater opens the children’s eyes to the wonders of the world while giving pieces of advice and guiding them. It offers a lot of values that help them have a better perspective on the world, themselves, as well as each other. While it is rated TV-Y7, you can still watch it with your young children, nieces, or nephews. It has two stories per episode, so there are more lessons the kids or even you can learn from.

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Truth Be Told

Apple TV Plus show: Truth Be Told
Photo from Apple website

Truth Be Told is an eight-part series based on the novel Are You Sleeping?, which is about America’s obsession with true crime podcasts. This series stars Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer, Emmy Award Winner Aaron Paul, and Emmy Award Nominee Lizzy Caplan. It follows Poppy Parnell (Spencer), who left a 20-year career as an investigative journalist and becomes a podcaster. She is to reopen the case she wrote as a journalist about the murder of the father of identical twins Lanie and Josie Buhrman (Caplan). 

What compels her to re-investigate the case is the newly revealed tape showing Lanie being coerced. What she has written before made her a national sensation, but it is what put Warren Cave (Paul) behind bars. In her pursuit of reopening the case, she gathers more information, which includes interviewing Warren in prison. It is predictable that their encounter will not be easy considering that she painted him a murderer.

Is Warren the one who killed the victim, or Poppy has mistakenly helped send him to prison? For those who like solving crimes and mysteries, this show is one to consider. Apple has renewed the show for a second season, but there is still no release date yet.

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Apple TV Plus Movies You’d Like

Aside from TV series, Apple TV Plus also offers a small library of movies that are worth streaming. It has a wide array of films including but not limited to live-action, animation, crime drama, as well as documentary. Like the series mentioned above, there are also A-listers that star in most of the movies. Find out who plays what role in this list.


The Banker

Apple TV Plus movie: The Banker
Photo from Apple website

This live-action drama stars Anthony Mackie (Bernard Garrett) and Samuel L. Jackson (Joe Morris) and is directed by George Nolfi. Inspired by a true story, this movie follows two black businessmen who experience racist attitudes from the whites. Because of their race, they cannot land the deals of their dreams. To bypass the racial limitations, they hire a white man named Matt Steiner (Nicholas Hoult) to pretend as the head of their business. Steiner doesn’t have any idea about the business so they, along with Garrett’s wife Eunice (Nia Long), train him.

While Steiner poses as the face of their company, Garrett and Morris play different roles—a janitor and a chauffeur. Problems arise when the federal government gets its nose on the success of the business they built. This Apple TV Plus movie offers a powerful story that is worth telling. 

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Apple TV Plus movie: Hala
Photo from Apple website

This coming of age drama follows a Pakistani-American girl who struggles to balance her Muslim upbringing with her social life as a teen. Hala (Geraldine Viswanathan) is the only child of her immigrant parents. While her more Americanized father and her strict mother sometimes have opposing ideas, there is one thing they both agree on. It is that Hala must not have anything to do with boys until she gets into an arranged marriage.

As she comes into her own, she discovers a huge secret that can cause her family to tear apart. This movie explores important issues relating to family, culture, religion, and growing up. The portrayal of Viswanathan to the title character contributes a lot to the impact of the entire film.

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Apple TV Plus movie: Cherry
Photo from Apple website

Starring the web-slinger Tom Holland, Cherry is a crime drama film based on Nico Walker’s autobiographical novel with the same name. The Marvel Cinematic Universe filmmaking brothers Anthony and Joe Russo directed this film. This follows Cherry (Holland), who leaves school and enlists as an army medic after his true love breaks his heart. Before his deployment, Emily (Ciara Bravo) comes back, confesses her love for him, and marries him.

Having only his true love’s support, Cherry serves in Iraq and experiences the worst, including seeing a friend get burnt and killed. He returns home with a raging case of undiagnosed PTSD, which has led to drug addiction that drained his finances. To get more cash and feed his habit, he starts robbing banks, affecting his relationship with Emily. If you are someone who likes crime drama films, this movie, which Apple TV Plus acquired the rights to for $40 million, is worth considering.

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Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

Apple TV Plus movie: Here We Are: Notes For Living on Planet Earth
Photo from Apple website

Based on the best-selling children’s book by Oliver Jeffers, this animated film is about exploring the natural wonders of Earth. Having the Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning Meryl Streep as the narrator, this 36-minute movie will not let you down. It follows a seven-year-old boy named Finn (Jacob Tremblay) who is out for an adventure with his parents on the eve of Earth Day. They wind up in the mysterious Museum of Everything where he discovers and learns a lot of things about the planet with the help of his parents. 

Here We Are: Notes For Living on Planet Earth is an excellent addition to everyone’s list of kid’s material as it educates and engages viewers. There is no doubt that it provides informative elements while having an entertaining story not only for kids but also for parents. As the short film draws us into the Earth’s wonders, it also reminds us to respect and care for the Earth. After all, it is the home that all of us share.

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Apple TV Plus movie: Wolfwalkers
Photo from Apple website

This animated fantasy honors Apple with a historic Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature Film. Since the global launch of Apple TV Plus, Wolfwalkers has won awards for best animated film from several critic groups. It has also been nominated for BAFTA and Golden Globes Awards and is directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart. 

Wolfwalkers is about an apprentice hunter named Robyn Goodfellowe who goes to Ireland with his father, Bill, for a task. The Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell summons them for the task to wipe out the last wolf pack as they clear the nearby woods. As Robyn explores the lands, she meets Mebh, a member of a tribe believed to be capable of transforming into wolves when they sleep. She then discovers the secret about wolfwalkers and risks becoming something her father needs to get rid of.

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Apple TV Plus movie: Palmer
Photo from Apple website

Directed by Fisher Stevens, Palmer is a drama film having Justin Timberlake as the titular character. It is a story about a former football star named Eddie Palmer who spent 12 years in prison after being a convicted felon. He returns to his hometown to live with his grandmother Vivian (June Squibb) and tries to rebuild his life. As he keeps his head down, his homecoming gives him a bittersweet experience.

More complications arise when their neighbor Shelly (Juno Temple) leaves her son Sam (Ryder Allen) in their care. Sam is a seven-year-old boy who is often the target of bullying because of his difference, or one should say uniqueness. He and Palmer start to bond, which came easily as they share the same experience of people telling them they’re different. Palmer’s life continues to improve, but the new life he builds risks being torn apart by his criminal past. 

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Apple TV Plus movie: Greyhound
Photo from Apple website

Academy Award-nominated for Best Sound is Apple’s war film, Greyhound, starring Tom Hanks as Captain Krause. Based on a true story during the Battle of the Atlantic, this war drama is a wet and wild epic at sea. The story follows a longtime Navy veteran who leads a fleet of 37 ships with thousands of soldiers across the Atlantic. When they lose air cover, they must cross through the “Black Pit” and deal with the German submarine wolf pack that aims to destroy their ships.

Tom Hanks, aside from being the star on Greyhound, was also the one who wrote the screenplay, having Aaron Schneider as the director. Among the stars are Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan, and Elisabeth Shue. Sony is supposed to release this film, but they sold it to Apple for $70 million, making it an exclusive material to stream on Apple TV Plus.

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On the Rocks

Apple TV Plus movie: On the Rocks
Photo from Apple website

Sofia Coppola reteams with her Oscar-winning Lost in Translation star, Bill Murray, for this latest film, On the Rocks. This comedy-drama also stars Rashida Jones, who plays Laura, the daughter of playboy Felix (Murray). The story follows Laura, a young mother who fears that her husband Dean (Marlon Wayans) may be cheating on her. Knowing that her father Felix has a history and may have an insight, she reconnects with him.

The two team up and investigate the situation, so they decide to tail her husband to know what there is to know. As they begin their plan, which includes moving around New York City and going to parties, their journey draws them closer together. While On the Rocks has an excellent story, the actors’ performances have contributed a lot to make it a delight. 

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Boys State

Apple TV Plus movie: Boys State
Photo from Apple website

Winning the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, this film is worth streaming. Boys State, which Apple bought the rights to for $10 million, takes us to an annual high-school program run by American Legion. Attended by 1,000 Texas boys, the Boys State program is a week-long exercise in self-governance using the mock state government. During their week at the state capitol, they split into groups, conduct debates, and elect officials including the spot of the governor.

Three teenagers made an impression— Ben Feinstein, Steven Garza, and René Otero. They, together with the other boys, show how they will do everything, including doing dirty tricks, only to win. Despite this, the documentary is still inspirational as it shows how the kids will reflect and learn from everything, opening a door of hope.

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Apple TV Plus movie: Dads
Photo from Apple website

Another documentary from Apple TV Plus is Dads, which, as the title suggests, is about fathers, and the joys and struggles of parenting. It is a celebration of how the roles of men change as they enter fatherhood and become modern-day parents. This film, directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, features dads including celebrities like Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon.

Here you will see rare home footage, viral videos, as well as anecdotes and wisdom from the featured fathers through interviews. The director also gives a glimpse into her actor-director father, Ron Howard, and all the dads in her family. This is something that you would love as it highlights modern-day parenting while giving inspirational parts of doing the job.

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The Elephant Queen

Apple TV Plus movie: The Elephant Queen
Photo from Apple website

Narrated by Oscar-nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor, The Elephant Queen is about the epic journey of a herd of elephants in Kenya. An elephant matriarch, Athena, leads the female-only herd as they journey from green to dry season, endangering the young ones of the group. Aside from the elephants, there are other species that you’d see, providing richness and texture to the story.

There is so much effort exerted in this wildlife documentary as it took over four years to make it. With this much dedication, it is hard not to appreciate this film, as it would also keep you fascinated by Athena and her herd. The Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone, whose goal is to inspire the world to love the elephants, directed this film.

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Beastie Boys Story

Apple TV Plus movie: Beastie Boys Story
Photo from Apple website

Beastie Boys Story is a document of the live event at King’s Theater directed by Academy Award-winning director Spike Jonze. In the event, Beastie Boys surviving members Adam Horovitz and Mike Diamond take a trip down memory lane. The two share various stories about their band and friendship while showing embarrassing clips and photos on the big screen. The event was also a tribute to Adam Yauch, their third member who passed away because of cancer.

This live documentary earned five Emmy nominations and a Grammy nomination for Best Music Film. This is one of the films that would make your Apple TV Plus subscription worth it.

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Apple TV Plus Alternatives

If you don’t think Apple TV Plus is the one for you, there are other streaming services available out there. To help you decide which would work best for you, here are some other options you can consider.




Netflix logo
Photo from Netflix

Netflix is the leading media streaming service that has over 200 million paid subscribers worldwide. It offers one of the largest libraries of any streaming service and provides a substantial amount of award-winning shows. Maximize this library and learn how to choose the best movies to watch and download on the app. It adds new TV shows and movies every week so you would always have something to look forward to. Aside from the shows they make, Netflix also licenses streaming rights for some content to expand their library.

Netflix has a user-friendly interface so you can explore it with ease. It lists which shows are popular in your country and breakdowns show in different categories. You can watch TV shows, movies, anime, and documentaries through the app in great quality, commercial-free. You can download shows for offline viewing, too, however, it will expire after some time.

As for the pricing, Netflix offers different subscription plans and your experience depends on the one you choose. The video resolution, users that can access your account, and the number of simultaneous streams vary depending on your plan. There used to be a free trial for new Netflix users, but they no longer offer it now. With this said, you would have to sign up and pay to access its full catalog of shows and movies.


Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video
Photo from Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is Amazon’s video streaming service, which has the largest library among its competitors. It hosts a lot of TV shows, movies, anime, and documentaries they licensed rights of or originally made. The shows available are in various categories ranging from romantic comedy to thriller. Amazon Prime Video also offers an impressive lineup of shows you can buy or rent. It is worth noting that buying does not mean you will own the show as you only pay to have an on-demand viewing for an indefinite period.

You can stream Prime Video shows on several devices including smartphones, smart TVs, and streaming devices. Their movies and TV shows are available in 4K Ultra HD resolution and you can download select content, too, for offline viewing. Some notable shows from this streaming service are The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Grand Tour, and many more. Amazon Prime Video also offers the Watch Part feature that allows you to invite other Prime members to watch with you.

The Amazon Prime Video subscription costs $8.99 per month if you’re going to avail of it as a standalone service. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, its subscription includes access to the Prime Video titles without extra cost. The Amazon Prime membership costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year, but it comes with a lot of deals only for members.



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Home to new and classic shows, Hulu is a video streaming service that offers a strong library you’d like. It focuses on streaming blockbuster movies as well as shows popular on various networks in the United States and Japan. While this may be true, Hulu also creates original content like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Some shows you can stream are The Handmaid’s Tale, Castle Rock, as well as The Act, and Ramy, which both won Golden Globe awards.

Hulu doesn’t wait for a series to end before making it available on its platform as it gives its users early access. In some cases, you only have to wait a week or a day after a certain episode is aired on TV, then it will be available on Hulu. You can watch some of the shows offline but this option is only available on ad-free plans.

There are three subscription tiers you can avail of to enjoy Hulu’s content, and each has different advantages. The most popular is the Hulu subscription that costs only $5.99 per month, but it would have ads in the streaming library. There is also an ad-free subscription that costs $11.99 per month that lets you stream and download shows for offline viewing. The last type of subscription is the Hulu + Live TV, which allows you to watch on over 65 channels without needing any cable. This plan that costs $64.99 per month would also allow you to record live TV shows to watch later.



Disney Plus
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If you are looking for a streaming service that streams some of your favorite childhood movies, this one’s for you. Disney+ houses nearly all the Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel movies as well as all its classic in-house films. There are also Disney+ originals available that you can watch such as Encore! and The Mandalorian. You can stream these shows in up to 4K video resolution depending on the resolution that your device supports. You can also download some shows so you can still watch them even without having access to the internet.

Disney+ is accessible on smartphones, streaming devices, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and web browsers. You can share your access to your family members or friends and you can stream at the same time with the other three users. In terms of availability, the streaming service is available in the United States, Europe, and some other countries.

As for the pricing, Disney+ offers a subscription plan that costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. It is the only subscription tier that they have so you won’t have to struggle in choosing which would work best for you. There was once upon a time a free trial of up to 7 days, but the streaming service discontinued it recently. 



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Among the three video streaming services under HBO (HBO Max, HBO, HBO Go), HBO Max is the latest iteration and the best option. It has the widest media library of the three and is the most updated.

With HBO Max, you can stream shows like The Sopranos, Big Little Lies, and Game of Thrones. To convince you more, HBO also acquired the streaming rights for The Big Bang Theory and Friends. You can watch all these shows through the HBO Max app that you can download on any compatible device. It is available on smartphones, smart TVs, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and on the web.

This streaming service has only one subscription tier, which you can avail of for $14.99 per month. Like Netflix and Disney+, HBO Max no longer offers a free trial for new users, so you have to pay to access all its content. You won’t regret it, though, since it provides an impressive library that you can stream in 4K as long as your device supports it. You can download shows, too, so you can view them offline.


Is Apple TV Plus Worth It?

streamlining media libraries is playon's specialty
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With all the exceptional original content it offers, some of which have won awards, Apple TV Plus is worth signing up for. They may have a smaller library compared with other streaming services, but the quality of its shows makes up for that. Besides, it has a great offer of a year-long free subscription for those who recently bought an Apple device. It gives its new members a free trial, too, which Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max no longer offer. Even without the free one-year subscription and a free trial, Apple TV Plus is the most affordable compared to the alternatives. With this said, grab the opportunity and sign up for Apple TV Plus while its offer lasts.


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