EU Pushes For Greater Algorithmic Transparency In Music-Streaming Platforms


The European Parliament is advocating for new regulations to promote fairness and transparency in music-streaming platforms across the European Union. The proposed bill aims to compel streaming services to disclose their recommendation algorithms and indicate when a song has been generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

Key Takeaway

The European Parliament is advocating for legislation to enforce greater transparency in music-streaming platforms, aiming to support European artists and address revenue imbalances in the industry.

Enhancing Visibility for European Artists

Members of the European Parliament voted to adopt a resolution, signaling potential changes to the music-streaming landscape in the region. The primary goal is to ensure that European artists receive equitable visibility and prominence on streaming platforms. This aligns with efforts in other countries, such as Canada, which has implemented the Online Streaming Act to support local artists.

Algorithmic Transparency and Fair Revenue Distribution

The proposed bill could mandate streaming platforms to enhance algorithmic transparency to prevent unfair practices that may impact artists’ compensation. Additionally, it may require accurate labeling of AI-generated music. Furthermore, the EU aims to ensure a more equitable distribution of streaming revenue among all artists involved in a recording, not solely the main artist.

Addressing Revenue Imbalance and Supporting Creators

The European Parliament’s initiative seeks to address concerns regarding the imbalance in music-streaming revenue, aiming to provide fair compensation for authors and performers. Spanish politician and MEP Iban García del Blanco emphasized the importance of prioritizing cultural diversity and fair compensation for creators, highlighting the need for transparent algorithms and AI tools in music-streaming services.

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