Spotify To Introduce In-App Purchases For EU IPhone Users In Response To DMA Regulation


Spotify, the popular music-streaming service, is preparing to test new features in its iPhone and iPad apps for users in the European Union. This move comes in anticipation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) set to take effect on March 7, aimed at preventing anti-competitive practices by digital “gatekeepers.” The DMA will impact how app developers, such as Spotify, interact with platforms like Apple’s App Store.

Key Takeaway

Spotify is gearing up to introduce in-app purchases and enhanced subscription experiences for EU iPhone users in response to the incoming Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations, aiming to provide greater transparency and flexibility within the app.

Spotify’s Response to DMA

Spotify has unveiled mockups showcasing potential changes to its app, including details on pricing, subscription offers, and in-app payments for EU iOS users. These changes are a direct response to the DMA, which seeks to address practices where platform owners restrict app developers from informing users about alternative payment or subscription options. Additionally, the DMA aims to prevent gatekeepers from mandating the use of their own payment services.

Apple’s Reaction

While Spotify has announced its intentions, Apple’s response to the DMA remains uncertain. The tech giant still holds control over its platform and may have strategies to navigate the DMA’s provisions. Spotify’s proposed features are contingent on Apple’s compliance with the new regulations.

Spotify’s Vision

Spotify envisions a future where users can seamlessly switch plans, purchase individual audiobooks, and even download the app from alternative stores or through sideloading. The company aims to provide greater transparency regarding deals, promotions, and payment options in the EU, enabled by the DMA.

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