Dexory’s Shelf-Scanning Robot Expands To North America


I’ve spent a good bit of time talking about inventory on these pages. I’m always happy to spend a couple of paragraphs discussing far and away my least favorite part of working retail. The job is, in essence, data collection. As such, it’s a prime candidate for automation — and there are no shortage of startups vying for a space in that conversation.

Key Takeaway

Dexory, a U.K.-based company, is expanding its shelf-scanning robot, DexoryView, to the North American market. The innovative solution utilizes scanning technology to provide rapid insights into inventory management, addressing the challenges of modern supply chains.

Expansion into North America

U.K.-based Dexory has announced its plans to expand into the North American market. The company’s hardware solution, DexoryView, has garnered attention for its ability to address the challenges of inventory management in both retail and warehouse settings.

Challenges in Inventory Management

Warehouses stack items vertically, which presents a unique challenge due to the height of the shelving units. This has led to the development of various solutions, including robotics startups and automated storage and retrieval systems. DexoryView, however, stands out with its innovative approach.

Unique Solution

DexoryView utilizes scanning technology to create a 3D model of the shelving units, providing rapid insights into operations and enabling informed decision-making. For higher shelves, the system deploys a large, collapsing tower to effectively scan and manage inventory.

Market Demand and Expansion

The success of DexoryView in Europe has led to increased demand from the North American market. Co-founder and CEO Andrei Danescu notes, “Organizations across the globe are getting to grips with the challenging demands of modern supply chains, and DexoryView allows businesses to gain rapid insights into their operations and make informed decisions that drive better efficiencies across their businesses.”

Former Zebra Technologies director of robotics product management Todd Boone will lead the company’s efforts in North America, further driving the expansion of Dexory’s innovative shelf-scanning robot.

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