Comun Revolutionizes Banking For Latino Immigrants In The US


Comun, a New York-based neobank, is making waves in the banking industry by addressing the unique needs of Latino immigrants in the United States. With a focus on providing accessible and tailored banking services, Comun aims to bridge the gap that has long hindered this demographic from traditional banking.

Key Takeaway

Comun is leading the way in revolutionizing banking for Latino immigrants in the US, offering tailored services and accessibility to address long-standing barriers in traditional banking.

Banking Services Tailored for Latino Immigrants

Comun stands out by offering a streamlined account application process that accepts over 100 different identification types from Latin America, including foreign country passports. This approach eliminates the barriers posed by stringent identification requirements at traditional banks, making banking more inclusive for Latino immigrants.

Empowering the Community

Andres Santos and Abiel Gutierrez, the co-founders of Comun, are committed to redefining the landscape of local banking for immigrants in the US. They emphasize the importance of providing Spanish-speaking representatives and personalized services to meet the specific needs of their community.

Driving Financial Inclusion and Growth

Comun’s innovative approach has garnered significant attention and investment, with the neobank recently securing $4.5 million in funding. This capital will fuel the expansion of Comun’s banking services, including the development of new products such as insurance and credit offerings.

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