Apple Halts Online Sales Of Watch Series 9 And Ultra 2 Due To Patent Dispute


Apple has officially removed the Watch Series 9 from its online shop due to an ongoing patent dispute. The surprise move has left the flagship smartwatch “Currently Unavailable” on the company’s website.

Key Takeaway

Apple has halted the online sales of the Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 due to an ongoing patent dispute with health tech company Masimo, impacting the availability of these flagship smartwatches.

Availability and Alternatives

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is also unavailable online, while the entry-level Apple Watch SE remains purchasable. Additionally, the Series 9 can still be obtained through other online sources, such as Amazon, which is still offering pre-Christmas delivery in some areas. Moreover, the wearable will continue to be available at physical Apple Store locations until Christmas Eve. Customers who have already ordered the watch online for in-store pickup can still do so through December 24.

Patent Battle and Implications

The decision to halt sales is a result of Apple’s patent dispute with health tech company Masimo, focusing on the Blood Oxygen feature in Apple Watch devices. The ongoing Presidential Review Period regarding an order from the U.S. International Trade Commission has led Apple to take preemptive steps to comply should the ruling stand. This includes pausing sales of the Series 9 and Ultra 2 from starting December 21, and from Apple retail locations after December 24.

At the core of the battle is an optical image sensor used to monitor a wearer’s heart rate, a technology Apple has employed since the Series 6. The dispute has also involved accusations of Apple poaching key talent from Masimo. Despite the holiday season, Apple is committed to pursuing legal and technical options to ensure the availability of the affected smartwatches to customers in the U.S. as soon as possible.

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