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PS4 Loud Fan: Causes and How to Fix Guide

PS4 loud fan

The PS4 loud fan problem is is a tricky problem that many PS4 owners are familiar with. They know that a loud fan means that something may be wrong with their unit. However, did you know that you can actually solve this issue without going to a service center and spending money on having it opened up and cleaned?


What Causes A PS4 Loud Fan?


Many electronic devices effectively work because of the different maintenance components placed by their manufacturers during the machine’s designing and manufacturing. However, all the parts of your device need to work so you can enjoy using your tech for longer.

If you’re looking for other guides in relation to your console, we have a how to clean your PS4 guide as well as a piece on why PS4 controller is not charging.


Cooling Fan

Like other electronic consoles, the PlayStation 4 or PS4 works because it has a cooling fan inside that keeps your device from overheating and damaging its internal electronics. However, the PS4 cooling fan gets dirty over time. Dust accumulates inside your device and its cooling fan, which typically collects dust as it spins—becomes overly noisy with time. Its physical connection—its screws and bolts, for instance—can also become loose or weak, especially during lengthy and regular gaming sessions.


Hard Drive

Another cause of a PS4 loud fan can be due to your device’s hard drive. As your PS4 console’s platter spins to find necessary information, it becomes increasingly damaged with time due to typical wear and tear. This reason can usually be a sign that your PS4’s hard drive is nearly failing.


Old and Damaged Console

There are instances, of course, when your PS4 cannot escape its old age. Launched in February 2013, the PS4 was Sony’s successor for the PlayStation 3. You might have had your device for years now or you might have only purchased your device recently. Nonetheless, due to prolonged and regular use, your console reaches a point where it sustains damage. Lint, pet hair, and dust are major culprits for a loud PS4 fan. They easily damage both your motherboard and cooling fan. When your PS4 loud fan becomes even noisier than usual, it may be cause for an immediate check-up.


Insufficient Ventilation

Of course, ventilation is essential. Aside from accumulating dust particles inside and outside your console, your device’s exact location may cause the PS4 loud fan problem you have. Unlike the need to have a cool environment for all your other electronic devices, the PS4 must not be subjected to too much external overheating. Placing and playing your PS4 in a temperature-controlled area offers the best results for your machine’s overall condition.


Why Worry About a PS4 Loud Fan?

If your PS4 loud fan becomes a significant nuisance, you should have it checked soon. Alternatively, you can quickly remedy the problem yourself. It can be a sign of something serious such as a failing hard drive or a damaged console. The accumulation of dirt can simply cause it. An overheating PS4 is a significant sign of a cooling fan problem. If your game hangs or your device shuts down in the middle of playing, then it can also be due to a cooling fan issue. Check your PS4—and your gaming area—for the following:

  • Loose connections
  • Hard drive integrity
  • Console’s damaged parts
  • Accumulation of dirt
  • Unventilated location


How to Remedy a PS4 Loud Fan?


To remedy a PS4 loud fan problem, it is crucial to pinpoint its original culprit. For both the PS4 and its derivatives, below are several remedies you can do:


For Original PS4

The original PS4 is the first device created to succeed Sony’s PS3. It was critically acclaimed for its use of more independent gaming technology, allowing users to experience a more open-sourced digital rights management. An eighth-generation Sony gaming console, the device utilizes AMD’s Accelerated Processing Unit. It has the capacity to use extra technology like the PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera as well. But no matter how advanced this device is, it can also be vulnerable to inevitable technical issues. To fix the problem of an original PS4 loud fan, here are several things you can do:


Pinpoint Noise Origin

As stated, the cooling fan or the data platters can both be possible origins of your PS4’s noise. That scratching sound can originate from various parts of your console, including your device’s cooling fan.


Check External Connections

When other console issues accompany your PS4 loud fan, it is time to look for other causes. Your PS4’s cooling fan does not typically start becoming way too loud when it is properly connected. Loose bolts and screws can add to the problem, making it work harder and noisier than usual. Your PS4’s parts must be checked. Are they properly connected? Tighten loose external screws and bolts to minimize the noise and reduce the dangers of these parts unhinging.


Clean Dirty Device

Your PS4 loud fan can be caused by the accumulation of pet hair, lint, and dust inside your console. The fan typically collects dirt as it spins and maintains the internal coolness of your device. Cleaning your device’s external surfaces can significantly help.


Find More Ventilation

You should also make sure that your external device’s surroundings are adequately ventilated. If you are using your PS4 in a room that doesn’t have sufficient cool, circulating air, your device can quickly overheat. Relocate your gaming area to a place where there are enough open windows or air conditioning.


Keep Console in Open Area

Additionally, refrain from keeping your PS4 in a drawer. This is very important when you constantly play using your PS4. Allow it to stay well-ventilated while preventing dust particles from accumulating near or inside your device. There should be enough space around the PS4’s vents at all times. Please keep it away from other devices that make it overheat even faster.


No Stacking of Devices

In addition, do not stack anything on top of your PS4. Avoid covering your PS4 with clothes, towels, or anything that may stop proper airflow. A heated-up device can further get damaged by unnecessary coverings.


Use Compressed Air for Cleaning Purposes

Compressed Air
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A simple technique to regularly clean your PS4’s loud fan is to use a can of compressed air. You can use it to get through the vents and blow dust away from it. Spray it on your device’s cooling fan and other implements to get rid of its accumulated dirt. Avoid using liquid or vacuum cleaners as these may further damage your device’s electronic parts. Bear in mind that your vacuum cleaner uses pressure to clean while a variety of liquid cleaners are typically not meant for electronic devices. Fluids may act as conduits for electricity that can stop your device from working entirely.

Check out the Dust Off Canned Compress Air today and start cleaning your PS4 fans.


Check Corrupted Files

A corrupted database may also cause a PS4 loud fan. Check if some of your files have been corrupted. Your games should be properly installed as well. Damaged files may cause your fan to spin even more as it attempts to help your device’s CPU to read its contents. This results in a PS4 loud fan as your device tries to maintain a cooler temperature.


Preferring a Vertical Position

Most PS4 users position their device in a horizontal position. However, an upright position can further help your device eliminate the accumulation of dirt particles. It can help reduce a PS4 loud fan’s noise and overheating episodes as well.


Check Internal Connections

If all of the remedies mentioned above do not work, it may be high time to check your device’s internal connections. Note, however, that opening your PS4 voids your warranty. To avoid losing the PS4 warranty, it is best to visit your certified Sony dealer or service center. Said warranty does not count anymore if a device is more than a year old, though. If that’s the case, you can proceed with opening your device to check for damaged parts or connections.

To do so, follow the steps stated below:

  1. Use a screwdriver with the correct head and size to remove the screws.
  2. Check your PS4’s fan. Using a can of compressed air, blow dust and dirt away from the fan. Use a soft-material cloth to remove any leftovers.
  3. Check other internal connections as well. Clean all other parts with the same compressed air can or soft cloth.
  4. Place back all the screws you removed. Switch on your device. Your PS4 should work without any hitches. Your PS4 loud fan should be solved as well.


For PS4 Slim and Pro

Derivatives of the original PS4, the PS4 Slim and Pro, may also have the same PS4 loud fan issue. Launched in 2016, both consoles are derivatives of Sony’s 8th generation gaming console. Nevertheless, the striking physical difference across these devices is that the PS4 Slim is the thinner version of the original. Meanwhile, the PS4 Pro is the bulkier version of the same original device.

These two versions may encounter the same PS4 loud fan problem, however. Many users assert that the Pro version has a louder fan issue while the Slim version seems to be quieter for some. When it all comes down to it, though, all three versions have the same PS4 loud fan problem. To fix both devices, follow the above-stated original PS4 remedies as well.


PS4 Accessories That Can Help a Loud Fan Problem?

Sometimes, however, the PS4 loud fan problem does not get solved by only doing the steps mentioned earlier. This may be due to other factors, including the lack of well-ventilated spaces in your home or the usual wear and tear of your PS4’s cooling fan. To help solve this issue, here are additional accessories you can use instead.


External Fans

Cooling Fan
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If you already tried all the steps mentioned above and still have the same PS4 loud fan predicament, you can also consider purchasing an external fan. A variety of external fans can be purchased in the market. If you don’t have air-conditioning at home, you can instead buy a fast-speed external fan.

Aside from keeping your place cooler than usual, you can also use it to keep the temperature of your PS4 at a manageable level. It helps keep the air flowing so that electronic devices like the PS4 do not overheat. You can choose an external fan that’s meant for your PS4 alone as well. A small-to-medium fan can do the job as you keep it directed at your device, especially when playing a massive and lengthy game with your console.

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Fan Replacement

You can also replace your PS4 loud fan, too. There are numerous fan replacements available in the market. If you choose to open your PS4 console and find that its cooling fan is already damaged or loose—even when you tighten its screws—you should consider finding a fan replacement. Make sure to ask your local supplier or Sony support center for compatible ones. It would be best if you remembered that your device’s cooling fan necessitates its big size as most PS4 games are heavy, requiring the maximum use of your device’s CPU. This, in turn, requires your cooling fan to work even more.


Thermal Paste Change

Sony typically uses a white thermal compound paste for its PS4 devices. You can choose to replace it with a silver thermal compound paste that dramatically reduces your console’s overheating problem. This thermal paste helps reduce overheating as it absorbs the heat produced by your device. An old PS4 console may have its thermal paste already thin and worn out. Replacing it will significantly reduce the labor done by your device’s cooling fan.


Longer HDMI Cable

Purchasing a longer HDMI cable helps keep your PS4 away from other electronic devices nearby. Unless you have toddlers or pets in your home, you can opt to use a longer cable. However, make sure that you keep it safely tacked to the wall so to prevent you from accidentally tripping on it.


Cooling Accessories from Amazon

You can also visit legitimate sites like Amazon to find other possible cooling accessories for your PS4. To give you an idea of the different accessories you can find there, here are some of them:


OIVO PS4/ Slim/Pro Cooling Station

OIVO PS4 Cooling Station
Photo from Amazon


Created by OIVO, this cooling station is currently an Amazon’s Choice. This product is compatible with all versions of the PS4. It also comes with a three-year warranty period so you can make the most out of your purchase. This accessory is necessary to manage any overheating and PS4 loud fan issues you may have.

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Kootek Vertical Stand

Kootek Vertical Stand
Photo from Amazon


Alternatively, you can also opt for the Kootek Vertical Stand. This item acts as a stand and a cooler while it allows you to store your games and charge your controllers as well. This product is compatible with all released versions of the PlayStation 4, and you can use this to effectively reduce the sound of your PS4 fan and enjoy your gameplay even more.

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BEBONCOOL PS4 Stand Cooling Fan

Photo from Amazon


You might also prefer this cooling fan and stand version. While this BEBONCOOL product has the same extra features as the alternatives mentioned above, the manufacturer guarantees its customers a lifetime customer support for its products. You can use this device as a stand, a controller charging station, and game storage.

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Pros and Cons of Fixing the PS4 Loud Fan Problem

When choosing to fix the PS4 loud fan problem, however, you should remember that there are corresponding pros and cons to this action.


  • Helps pinpoint the PS4 loud fan cause
  • Prevents repetitive malfunctioning of your device
  • Fixes corrupted PS4 files and games
  • Keeps your device’s parts clean
  • Prevents device overheating and eventual damage
  • Maintains integrity of your PS4 parts
  • Longer and quieter gameplay



  • May cause voiding of PS4 1-year warranty
  • May further damage the PS4 device when tinkered with incorrectly
  • Extra expenditures for additional PS4 accessories



The three versions of the PS4 have one common problem, the PS4 loud fan. Here is a recap of the different solutions to the said problem:

  • Keep your device clean.
  • Check your device’s physical connections.
  • Provide added device ventilation.
  • Check for corrupted files.
  • Give it a vertical position.
  • Replace its thermal paste or cooling fan.
  • Use additional cooling accessories for your PS4.

These solutions should help solve your PS4 loud fan problem. Remember, however, that you shouldn’t tinker with your less-than-a-year-old PS4 device unless you want its warranty to go void.

PS4 Loud Fan: Causes and How to Fix Guide

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